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Bringing more Impact your your Landscape Shots

Today, I was given a platform over at by +Darren Rowse to share some tips for creating better landscape photos.

Be sure to join the discussion and share some things that have helped you make more compelling landscapes.
Hands down, the number one question I get is how to make better landscape images. Many fall into the new-gear trap thinking that when I upgrade to some new DSLR then I'll be able to take better pi...
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Very nice read!! Thanks for sharing this!! I'm horrible at #2 :: STOP BEING LAZY! :O)
Thanks +Julie Stropp That's tough one for me too. Life always has something tugging at you
Nice read and congrats on your article--very cool!
No doubt +Eric Leslie !! And from what I just could have 5 boys tugging at you at any time :O)
That's a great article, Eric. You gotta be patient in this business.
+Rick Scheibner Most definitely. Team that with the weather not cooperating, I can't count how many times I've gone out and didn't get the shot I wanted.
Nice article Eric....Good advise all around.
Great article and great advice. I'm lousy at all 5 lately. Suffering from monumental procrastination and a horrible dose of creative block lately.... aargh!
Thanks +Jay Patel & +Patricia Davidson

+Keith Bradshaw We all have these periods. I just came out of one last month. I took some pictures here and there and I hated all of it. Keep you head up and keep at it. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery or a fun photography related conversation with a friend. Hang in there, this too shall pass!
Indeed! wonderful article. Congratulations!
Good article - we need to be told this over and over again, lest we slip into bad ways!
I enjoyed reading this post +Eric Leslie...nice and succinct and good common sense (whic these days is not as "common" anymore!)
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