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Spring Flows are Peaking
With the creeks full, I set out to Lower Brandy Creek Falls (Whiskeytown) in hopes to shoot it again only with much more water in it. Here's the original shot,

On the way up, I could see two more falls along the way, so after getting the shot I wanted, i came back down and shot the others. This is the middle falls about 10 feet tall. It was perfect waterfall weather with rain showers falling intermittently.

The best part was right after taking this shot on my phone, I dropped my phone right into the creek. Ker-Plunk! I snatched it right up, dropped the battery and shook it vigorously. When I got back to the car, I pumped the heater and held the phone to the vent for 20 minutes. I lucked out, no water damage!

By the end of the day, everything was really wet and soggy. It's all sitting out and open getting some air.
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Nicely done Eric! Is this part of the cascade just below the upper falls?
Very nice! I never did make it out to whiskeytown, now I wish I had. It looks like a pretty cool place.
+Jason Borg The creeks in Whiskeytown are some my favs. They are really amazing!
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