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Lets me be honest
After hearing about +Scott Jarvie's Decathlon for the first time a while ago, I was merely lukewarm about it. Perhaps I has having personal issues that day. After looking at this competition he's putting together in detail it looks like a tremendous opportunity to have fun and really compete in a format never tried before. 

See I've never been big fans of photography competitions because they always seem to be a matter of who you know and if you can produce an image in the style that matches the judge's tastes. This event is team-based, you have to do all the shooting and processing in the allotted time, in disciplines you may not be the master of and you're getting judged on an entire portfolio that will come from the your whole team. 

Totally original and totally rockin! It will be worth the trip to Utah!
(A Users Guide)

-The world will know the Photography Decathlon after this year... for you the reader this is how you take part in history
-This post will soon be accompanied by another write-up describing in more depth the activities we'll be doing that week
-Follow us on +Photography Decathlon

GOOGLE EVENT: Click -> "Going = Yes"


Option A: Photowalk and Party
Option B: Compete and Grow
Option C: Learn and Relax
Option D: Help and Lead
Option E: Sponsor and Support

In all we do the Photography Decathlon is motivated by:
Challenge, Education and Socialization

Now sit back and let my excitement and dreams sweep you away... and prompt you to call into work and set aside Oct 9-14th and book the plane ticket


Let me start by inviting ALL of you! 
Yes every photography in the country... nay... world!
An invitation to the most epic and awesome photowalk we've ever seen.
A free photowalk at that.
13-14th in Northern Utah

Background: I organized a pretty great one in March for a large group that came to utah for 3 days and from all accounts it was a rousing success. 
(Can I get an Amen from those that came)
This will be bigger, better and epic-er.
Like all of the weeks events it will take place in the beautiful state of Utah (northern Utah) with all the fall colors in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

We will organize the event so there will be places to meet up for sunrise and sunset with smaller outings mid-day and for some night shooting.
We will also organize places to be for meals.
Yes we understand there may be hundreds of people involved all weekend long and never fear... there are solutions for that!! (I'm a problem solver)
There will be lots of opportunities for photography, for socialization, for partying and for being part of our big happy photo-family. 
Do as much or as little you

What Option A looks like
Come to Utah on friday by mid-day and join in on the Trade show, then watch the Closing ceremony that night and see who wins what, join in the after party and saturday and sunday make it to as many photoshoots and meals that your little heart can pump the energy to make it to. 
Leave late sunday night to get back in time to work the next day. Or laze around with the stragglers on monday and leave when it's convenient. 


This is what it's about!!

Our Vision
We love all photographers and we embrace the dramatic rise in the popularity of photography! 
We want to be a part of raising the bar for the art!
We want to bring out the best photographers and showcase their years of learning and to bring out the best in each photographer including the inspiring photographers. 

This is your chance to push yourself to your limit and see what you're capable of accomplishing.
2.5 days to schedule, strategize, photograph and deliver a set of pictures for each of the 10 styles of this year's Photography Decathlon competition.
If you're really hard-core send me a message and say you are just crazy enough to attempt such a feat by yourself. Otherwise this will be done with teams of 4.

"This is not where cheap photo-celebrities are made but where tough photo-stars are born/earned" - me

What option B looks like
You schedule out the whole week and you probably even stay for the photowalk... might as well.

Your schedule is:
Monday: Come into town get situated and meet with people
Tuesday (Educational Day then Opening Ceremony)
Wednesday-Thursday (Plan, Strategize, Shoot, Edit and maybe sleep and eat)
Friday: Submit, breathe, trade show, closing ceremonies and collect awards
Saturday Sunday: Cool down, socialize, eat and shoot side by side with your one-time foe.
Monday: Back to real life? You decide.

*Put together a team!
Find the shooters, the hacks, the pros, the energy laden, the photoshoppers, the strategizers, the hard-workers and the winners and get them together in a perfect mixture of awesomeness and MAKE this HAPPEN!
We want all teams sponsored and we can help you look for a sponsor or help connect you with companies looking for teams to sponsor. Heck maybe you can win a spot with some of your forthcoming pre-competitions. One thing is for certain... if you can't put the effort to organize a team what does that say about your ability to work hard enough to compete in something like this competition? (Throwing it down!! haha)

Perks: You will grow as a photographer and see what you're capable of like no other time in your life. You will feel accomplishment and excitement for this art. You'll probably walk away with some amazing stuff... no not probably... definitely. And beyond the challenge you will learn, you will socialize with your new colleges and best buds.



Not everyone may love the push and challenge of the Photography Decathlon competition. Maybe they're not ready for it... yet.
But they still want to be there and feel a part.
Recently we've been listening to these people and realizing we need a path for them. We've heard and we're acting on it.
So we say to them: "COME for the week... we've got your covered." 

We know you wanted to be at the educational day on tuesday and then needed something to do until the tradeshow, closing ceremony and photowalk on the weekend.
We'll find ways for you to be a part even as the others are off spending there days in the glory of battle. We'll have ways for you to have a different experience of Learning. With a bit more relaxation involved.

Beginners to intermediate photographers may be more inclined to this option and therefore we'll cater the experience to them a relaxed but fulfilling couple of days for them.

What Option C Looks Like
You come and stay for the whole week in Utah (or as much as you want)
You go to a lot of presentations and learn a ton, you watch the competition unfold, you eat well, you are for the most part taking it easy and you take a lot of pictures too, specially on the weekend photowalk.


We have a great and growing crew leading this event.

We have slowly been meeting with and filling the roles of *ambassador *(presenter, coach and judge for each of the ten styles)
We have had dozens of people volunteer to help and honestly we're just now getting some of the organization done and to the point where we can involve helpers.

Knowing what tasks to put someone on is sometimes the most challenging thing in all of an event and as the event gets closer those opportunities will show themselves abbundently... we just need to have the names and talent to pull from denoted now so that we can use it then.
So put your hand up and let us know. Maybe later this week when I lay out the vision of the events and fun stuff we're gonna pull off you'll get a better idea of how you could jump in.
We're looking for the self-motivated, the talented, the hard worker, the responsible, the believer (in the Photography Decathlon)
PR, Marketing, Labor, Video, Design etc etc!

What Option D looks like
You can still come compete or attend classes you are simply more involved during these next two months.
And if we know what you're capable of and see your interest I will personally figure out how to get you working hard!
We hope you are helping because you love love the concept of the event (or me myself) But as a cherry on top of it all we'll return the favor in great ways.

You can also get a hold a couple of our organizing staff on GooglePlus +Levi Sim and +Sharon Strandskov 


We invite you to challenge us to show you and your company how the Photography Decathlon can help your business. 
We know you'll love what we're doing with our massive video coverage of the event! The whole world may not be able to come to the event in Utah but they will be very involved and they will know the companies that took part, brought teams and were the tools the photographers were using.

You are how this event is taking place. You are supporting the team entries... you are making the events happen!

What option E looks lie
You message/call me right now and we make a proposal that fits the needs of your company and whether you want to just sponsor a team or be more involved.
You start looking at your workers who love photography and wondering if rewarding them with a spot in the team is more beneficial or whether rewarding your favorite clients who love photography is more beneficial or we'll connect you with the team that will represent you well and make you proud.

Well that's sad but that's life.
We will be bringing you VIDEO coverage like you've only seen at the Summer Olympics.
Presentations, awards ceremony, industry insight, more classes, product demos and how-tos and of course Competition and the strategy and excitement of the actual show-down of the great minds of our craft.

Let our sponsors know how you feel about the Photography Decathlon by jumping in as an attendee on this awesome Google Event
And set up teams, send me an email, reply here, SHARE THIS MESSAGE to all photographers.
(You say they've already seen it? ...well... share it again)

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