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Eric Leslie

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Eric Leslie

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How fun!
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Eric Leslie

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Finished up a menu shoot last month and had a handful of questions, so I answered them for everyone in a blog post.

Details about how I lit and plated the food.

#foodie #foodphotography #tips
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Eric Leslie

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It kind of goes with out saying that you can't control the weather. So to get a great landscape you've got to be ready for the light and you have to be a little lucky.

The key though is to actually get the shot when luck turns in your favor. 

Are you ready?

#sunset #norcal #nailedit  
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+Debabrata Laha thank you sir
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Eric Leslie

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Lightroom CC 2015.2

There's a lot of negative feedback running around about the latest update. It's very scorched earth type stuff. 

I have had a rather positive experience, so I want to throw that into the public record so you can make up your own mind.
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+Eric Leslie & +John Getchel, I'd agree with both of you on those points. There was a period of time where I would simply ignore updates when I was content with what I had. What I found, was that over time, my software began to become less and less usable as the outside software that was designed to communicate with it updated as well. At some point, they would stop communicating. Eventually, I'd have to upgrade across the board and in some cases, lost information because it couldn't be converted or translated anymore since I missed so many updates in between. It's a bit of a lose/lose situation in the long term. You sometimes have to be amenable to the short term annoyances to avoid the long term headaches.
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Eric Leslie

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In Landscape photography, one of the tenets is to find your subject and then eliminate other objects from the frame that don't contribute to it. In the case of this water fall that is nearly 300 feet tall over 6 big drops through a deep heavily wooded canyon, you just can't get it all in a single shot. Maybe from the air it's possible, but ain't nobody got time for that.

Wiskeytown Falls. #WaterfallWednesday
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Beautiful water falls
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Eric Leslie

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These ladies were just gorgeous. The late afternoon light through the trees along the river at the Gaia was perfect!
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+Scott Staley thank you 😀
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Eric Leslie

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What starts as a spark of imagination, mixed in with a little motivation and you can create something new.

Turn off the outside world and find inspiration in the quiet place of your personal thoughts.

Creativity is the will to act on that spark of inspiration. #hustle
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Happy to meet have been added, Eric +Eric Leslie
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Eric Leslie

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Do you consume video on Google+?

Not a single bit of interaction after 3 hours on my last post, a time-lapse. Lesson learned... Sheesh 😎😎
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I missed the "official" post of the video, but I saw this on mobile while sipping my coffee this morning. I'll put my video comments in the appropriate place (on the video post).

I've read all comments here and understand what everyone else is saying. However, I love watching video of places as much as stills. In fact, you see far more that way than with a still. I've been known to go on Google Earth after seeing a still because I want to see more of a place. I'm inquisitive that way. (Google Earth can hook me far too long!)

So, yes, I will watch video unless it's poorly done, then I won't last more than a few seconds.
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Eric Leslie

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Engineer Mountain Timelapse

This summer when I was out in Durango, I got the chance to climb Engineer. Having never shot a lick of time-lapse video, I just decided it was time while I was up there on the mountain.

So this is my first foray into shooting a lapse. I used Premiere to put this together. Next time I'll probably use LRTimelapse so I can de-flicker the footage.

What do you guys use?
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I was only joking! Of course there are plenty of interesting here and even cooler weather now, thankfully!
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Eric Leslie

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I threw on my designer hat today, a hat that has never fit well. Despite my best efforts to screw this up, I managed to do something out of the ordinary. I made something decent. 

You know it's okay when your wife asks, "You made that?" Why yes honey, I did!

Stay tuned for the time-lapse that this accompanies :D #visitdurango
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What's up with you today
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The main Mongolian buffet is excellent. The ingredients are fresh. They keep it stocked and clean. They also have an extensive sushi menu. I've loved everything I've tried.
Public - 2 months ago
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They complete renovated the new downstairs restaurant. Still the same great food and the absolute friendliest service. Best place to grab breakfast in town!
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43 reviews
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I has a big hall for holding events with a stage. While the accommodations are ample, everything is quite old and dated.
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