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Eric Leslie

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Have you ever tried to shoot sports indoors and started to hate how much noise and motion blur your pics have? I know I have. Here's how I overcame this problem shooting a recent wrestling tournament.
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Glad it could be of help.
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Eric Leslie

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Looks like a good ride. I like how you cut this together. It more than a POV ride video :)
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Dj Lauf
+Eric Leslie
Sounds Good Eric!!  Let me know when!
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Eric Leslie

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Fern Canyon on the Northern California coast is such a unique and beautiful place. It's also one of the toughest places to shoot. Everything is moving, so sharp pictures precious and are to be treasured. When the sun was still up, I liked the way the light filtered down hitting the ferns leaving an aura of mystery and intrigue. 
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Wow were you actually there man ..thats fuckin dope..oops excuse the excessive enthusiasim.nice .
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Eric Leslie

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All this rain had me thinking about waterfalls today. So I jumped into my archives and processed this little spot on Crystal Creek in Whiskeytown. I've shot the main waterfalls a million times, it's the hidden stuff that you have to go and find that really gets me excited these days. Maybe less iconic, but it really fuels my creativity.

Some of you locals may recognize this spot and realize how much of a balancing act it was to slide down into this hole where all the water was flowing down into. I was literally standing over a section of water flowing under my tripod while leaning back on a bolder for balance. Good times :)
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4 comments beautiful and live ...feel like want to jump and taste the water
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Eric Leslie

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I'm going through my images from the Corning hosted wrestling meet down in the Glen County Fairgrounds. At the first meet I shot available light and I was really pushing the limits of my camera. The images were way too grainy having flat color and contrast. So I knew I needed to bring some light into the gymnasium. 

I plan on a full blog post explaining my new lighting setup, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. I shot for 7 hours straight shooting over 1000 images and the batteries held up to every frame I took. Not a single misfire.
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+Chris Witham I'm not sure what you mean by luxury. Have you been told you can't use lighting? I used Superclamps to put the speedlights way up high and out of the way so no one got tangled up in them. 

After I set them up, hardly anyone noticed they were there. I have heard of ADs saying no to them.
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It's that time of year again. Grass stains and snow cones down at the ball fields. It's little league. I've got five boys and they're all playing. Crazy schedules are the norm and the car is always packed with chairs and sunscreen. I love this game!

#LittleLeague #Baseball
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I like Stock Car Races every Sunday on Motorvision T.V. In Germany
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Eric Leslie

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When I had a day job I used to run up to the mountains around Redding on my lunch breaks with my friend and co-worker Aaron Patterson. One day we were looking around Clear Creek when we found these really cool granite formations in the water. Unable to fit it all into one frame, I shot this with six vertical frames to create a pano. 

I remember trying to process this over three years ago when I shot it. I kept failing at the stitch and ultimately got frustrated and these frames eventually got forgotten. I found them yesterday and managed to pull it off. 

Don't ask me where this is, because I have no clue what so ever where we found this. :D

There's a lot of pixels in there so be sure to see it full screen!
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pretty lol
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Sadly, it's been my very old PC that's kept me away from G+. The current design would just bring my 7yo machine to a crawl and it just made it a chore to use. It had saddened me because over the years I've made friends that I regret letting grow cold. 

Yesterday I finally got a new modern PC and G+ is a joy to use again. 

Here's a shot of Shackleford Falls found near Etna, CA. How many people knows where Etna is without looking it up?

#WaterfallWednesday  curated by the waterfall madman himself +Leon Turnbull and myself :)
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Very beautiful! I have no clue where Etna, CA is:)
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that is fit
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I just finished a Runtastic mountain bike trip of 9.58 mi in 1h 05m and I'm feeling it!
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there really is no snow in this state =( 
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