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Eric Law
Property maintenance in Stirlingshire
Property maintenance in Stirlingshire

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Our ruined holiday in Braeside self catering  Drymen  Loch Lomond
“Doubled booked at Braeside Drymen and only half deposit returned”

Double booked for self catering cottage, owners blamed their agents. We phoned two days before the start of our holiday explaining who we were and that we had not been contacted re paying the balance, and were told “don’t worry about it, you can pay when you arrive.” We then drove 500 miles from Suffolk to Braeside Drymen to be told by the owners that the cottage was doubled booked but it wasn’t their fault.We understand that these things happen, but were shocked by the unprofessional attitude and sheer lack of empathy shown by the owners. They didn’t care that we had no where to stay that night and had to return home the next day losing out on a week’s holiday and the trips that we’d book. When we pressed for our full deposit back, we were told that it was not possible because they’d been charged commission by their agent. The situation concluded with one of the owners having a “hissy fit” and shouting “get out of my house or I will call the Police.” The owners were unable to grasp that their agent is working for them and not for us, and we should therefore have been given a full refund of our deposit.

We lost

7 days holiday
half of our deposit £60
£100 for a Premier Inn in Dumbarton
A trip for 3 on the Waverley £78
6 nights cattery fees £51
We would have been content with an apology and a full refund. The owners did not want to be £60 out of pocket or have the bother of contacting their agent for a refund.
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Spring has arrived in the Highlands, it's only -2 this morning! Must get my bike out.
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