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I was kind of happy to here what you said about the Lamy. I just received my first one a few days ago and was disappointed at how diluted the writing looks. Noodler's Black looks grey on the page. 54th Mass looks like denim. I guess I shouldn't be "happy" you don't like it either, but at least I know it's not just me. Have you found a fix for it? By the way, you sold me on the Metro.
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I'm so glad you're deciding to get a Metropolitan. I think you'll really like it.

So a fix for the Lamy is to buy more nibs in larger sizes. The EF just makes everything looks so washed out because it's just not laying down much ink. I find I actually prefer my Lamy with an F or M nib. The 1.1 really shows off ink, but it's impractical for everyday use. I also find, logically, that the F and M nibs are so much less scratchy when writing.

I've learned from my pen purchases that when it comes to pens under $50, I will save the EF nibs for Pilot. They produce an excellent quality EF nib every time.

If you get a larger Lamy nib and it works out for you, let me know. Thanks for watching and commenting. :-)
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Eric Lauritzen

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This is a fantastic introduction to MODX. I'm not sold on using it for blogging, but for semi-static sites I can see where it would be great.
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Eric I am thinking of throwing a MODX meetup in Kaka'ako, would you be into something like that?
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An excellent infographic about all the things wrong with  added sugar.
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50 Google+ Tips by +Rick Eliason 
1. Create A Killer Hovercard:
2. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly:
3. Google+ Communities:
4. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM :
5. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas:
6. Create A "Save For Later" Circle:
7. Add A Large Image To Your Post:
8. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts :
9. Share Someone Else's G+ Post :
10. Create A Mini Blog on G+:
11. Host A Google+ Hangout:
12. Leave A Wake of Value-Add In Your Path:
13. Take Control Of Your G+ Notifications:
14. SEO Your Google+ Posts:

15. How To Find Things On G+:
16. Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts:
17. How To Disable Comments & Shares:
18. Attract More Comments With Gifs & Image Posts:
19. Start A Conversation With Someone :
20. Create An Event Using G+:
21. Enable Automatic Hash-tagging:
22. Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle:
23. The Benefits of Link Shorteners:

24. Understanding Ripples & Using Them To Your Advantage:

25. What Not To Do On G+ (Part 1):

26. Edit Posts - Did You Know You Could Do That?:

27. Choose The Best Link Thumbnail For Your Post:

28. Start Building Your Author Rank:

29. Link G+ To Your Content With Authorship Tags:

30. Curate & Streamline Circles for Awesome News Streams:

31. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines:

32. Use Google Drive With Google+:

33. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount:

34. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome:

35. Build Your Following By Watching Hangouts:

36. Overcome Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning People:

37. Write Posts That People Are Actually Looking For:

38. Use ‘The Google+ Effect’ To Improve Your Twitter Experience:

39. Learn How To Use Images Appropriately & Legally:

40. Learn To Schedule Posts With +Do Share:

41. Build A Community Around Your Passion:

42. Optimise Your Profile/Page/Community For Search:

43. Share Beyond Your Circles & GPlussers:

44. Blocking & Muting People - As Simple As It Sounds?:

45. Extend The Life Of Your Best Posts:

46. Merge Multiple Google+ Profiles Together:

47. Using Your About Tab More Effectively:

48. Posting Multiple Photos Per Post:

49. Use Google+ ...Every Day:

50. What Not To Do On Google+ (Part 2):
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+Eric Lauritzen , thanks for the re-share.
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Eric Lauritzen

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What does sugar, alcohol, and heroin have in common?
This is your brain on sugar. A fun, animated lesson from TED-Ed:
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Eric Lauritzen

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*College grading explained"

I made it all the way to the part about death threats before realizing this is humor. 

"A few things can disqualify an otherwise worthy paper from this exceptional honor [an A+]: 1) Plagiarism, unless committed with extraordinary reluctance. 2) The paper has been doused in blood or another liquid, unless dousing was requested by the instructor. 3) The paper was submitted late (with reasonable leeway — but certainly by no more than one or two years)."
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Eric Lauritzen

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Refreshingly common-sense steps to improvement.
Five Paths to Being the Best at Anything
Power up your success!

• Practice makes perfect. (based on Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour theory)  "Deliberate practice means getting feedback and always pushing to improve. It’s not flow and it’s not fun. But it is what molds champions."

• "Be part of a great team. When choosing tasks and strategies, consider your natural gifts" and build your team accordingly.

• Be a giver. People who help other people, within reason, find more success.
(read more on Be a Baker, Not an Eater

• Work hard

• Combine all of these  and create your own path to the top!

Read the whole article here:

Photo credit: Big Stock Photos
#motivation   #inspiration   #positivethinking  
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Eric Lauritzen

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Sometimes you get the otter, and sometimes the otter gets you.

According to the article, this is a two-way street. Otters can end up being the alligator's meal too.
This is how a river otter can bag an alligator

Photo credit: Geoff Walsh
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No photo? No profile? No circle.
Tip 1/50: Create A Killer Hovercard
The first tip of the series is an important one so spend some time playing around and getting it right

A hovercard is the little box that pops up when you place your cursor over someone's name which shows you a little bit more about them and their personality.

It is from this hovercard that many people decide whether to follow that person or not which is why it is so important to craft a compelling, interesting and intriguing hovercard and "sell" yourself as someone worth following.

How? Your hovercard contains 6 elements of which, 3 can be edited and optimised including:

► Cover Photo - show creativity and personality
► Profile Image - use a real photo, not an avatar
► Tagline - in around 45-55 characters, what should people expect from you and your posts?

It is also recommended to include your location (which might entice users nearby to follow you) and your current place of work/education. Both of these can be edited in your "About" section (details from +Virante Marketing here:

This tip was inspired by +Stephan Hovnanian's excellently thorough post found here: 

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here:

#googleplustips   #hovercard   

► If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

► Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!
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Eric Lauritzen

commented on a video on YouTube.
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How much would it diminish the structural integrity if you built in a center drawer? I'm thinking of a similar design for a computer desk.
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