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Fads will be fads, everyone always looking for the easy way.  A #Diet is more about education of food than a fancy product and outrages claims. 

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Great post I read that sums up how the #ViSalus Community Works:

I had the good fortune to attend a concert a couple weeks ago where one of the band stepped forward with his phone, turned on the light, and held it up.

He explained that each one of us individually can shine like a light in the darkness for others close to us simply by caring about them, helping them, and loving them. And collectively, we can light up the world.

He then asked the members of the crowd to each light up their phones and hold them up in the air.

Individually each light was small, but still significant enough to brighten the area of the people nearest to them. Collectively, the individual lights combined to light a completely darkened arena.

If at times your life seems insignificant or that you'll never accomplish anything on the magnitude that others might to have an impact on the world, remember that sometimes you don't need to be a giant floodlight all by yourself to make a difference.

Sometimes just being the brightest small light you can be is enough to light up the life of someone close to you who is going through a dark time.

And if we all did that…imagine what we could accomplish.



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Confidence, hope & health -- See PROJECT 10 Kids' positive impact on children in Knoxville, Tennessee. Learn more at

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Check out this video on YouTube: #Project10 winner #ViLife

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Check out this video on YouTube: #ViCrunch and #ViShape combined into the #Fuel Kit !!!!!

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Why #Vi ? Nutritionist Grethen Coley
by #ViSalus Inc.
Certified #Nutritionist and #WBFF Pro Athlete Grethen Coley explains why she loves the Vi-Shape Shake

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