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So this is the crux of what my prof wrote on the board today. Super-helpful illustration of a database. #wtf

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Turns out a UK High Court has decided that an "unhappy" Jehovah's Witness cannot have her son prohibited from receiving the healthcare he needs and deserves.

The world is advancing.


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Former believers, what are your thoughts on religious experiences?

Essentially, this question comes from something I have no experience with. As someone who was never really religious (though I went to church occasionally as a kid), I've never had a religious experience. However, my uncle (who has been a pastor for several years) and a friend of mine have both had religious experiences which helped to convert them to their religious stance today.

Having heard their stories, I have my own explanations for their experiences, but I doubt these are relevant to the question.

What I'm really asking is: Those of you who no longer believe, but have been through a religious experience, how do you explain it (to yourself or others) now?

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Man, and I was so looking forward to #OtakuDay today. But this will not stop me from my Otaku Day anime marathon!
Is today actually #OtakuDay or do we have yet to wait for the next one? We've got the answer! |

#anime   #otaku  


I learned adjectives recently in my Japanese course, but we were never told how to string adjectives together. I found an example (1) online, but a friend of mine believes it's incorrect and suggested a correction (2):

(1) 私は高くて白いビルに住んでいます。
(2) 私は高くなくて白いなビルに住んでいます。

The English sentence I'm going for here is, "I live in a tall, white building." What would be the proper way to say this?

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Just found out that today (October 12) is "Freethought Day"! It's set on the anniversary of the end of the Salem Witch Trials in the late 1600s. While most of us are freethinkers every day, I suppose it's nice to have a day commemorating that fact. |

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This is pretty much the best thing all day. Boredom RELIEVED!
Whisper is a website with one chunk of text controlled by any anonymous individual with something to say. When a whisper is posted, the old one is gone forever and the new one lasts until another whisper is posted.

created by Your Truly #javascript   #coffeescript    #web   #media   #angularjs  

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Man, this sucks... T_T
Looks like The Wind Rises is slated to be the last #HayaoMiyazaki movie before his retirement from feature film direction.

#anime    #ghibli    #miyazaki  
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