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Eric Koleda
Member of the Developer Relations team at Google.
Member of the Developer Relations team at Google.


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This is a long time coming, but I'm really pleased with how it landed.
Stackdriver is super helpful to investigate on errors and understand how people are using our add-ons Yet Another Mail Merge and Form Publisher.

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I've seen a few different ORMs for Sheets in Apps Script, this looks to be one of the more complete ones.

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I love this extra visibility into how add-ons are bundled along with documents.
A new "Document add-ons" entry lists the add-ons used in the current doc (or sheet), by you or someone else with access to the doc.
Those active add-ons are listed in a sidebar, with a little description and a menu to start using them.

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Templates with add-ons build-in!
Today (August 16, 2017) Google improved G Suite with a bundle of improvements. One of them relates to add-ons. It is possible to save templates (e.g. docs or sheets) and attach a recommended add-on. As a result, when someone selects a template it may contain an add-on to install. Learn more here:
G Suite bundle of improvements. Which is your favorite?

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Stackdriver Logging is now generally available!

Several months ago we announced Stackdriver Logging as an Early Access Apps Script feature for G Suite Business customers. Stackdriver Logging allows you to log information from Apps Script to Google Cloud's Stackdriver system, where they can persist for days, and also provides a useful UI to allow searching and filtering of those logs.

We are happy to announce that Stackdriver Logging is no longer an Early Access feature. Now all scripts can use this logging system. You can read more about it in the Apps Script Logging guide.

Happy coding!

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SlidesMerge Add-on is now available from the add-on store.
This allows you to create multiple sets of slides from a Spreadsheet and Slides Template.

There's a write up here

A video demo here

As usual, it's open source so you can see how it's built.

#gde #googleappsscript #slides #sheets #add-on #blogpost

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Neat idea!
Welcome to the new Vodo

It amazes me that it has been three years, almost to the day, that I was last able to talk about something. But Vodo is alive again... with the same objectives as before, although a new platform for now and with new services.

If you use Google Home, the Vodo Drive action should be rolling out to you as we speak.

You can talk with Vodo Drive to access your files in Google Drive. In particular, you can open spreadsheets and say things like
"Add a new row"
"Set sales to 5"
"What is the value of total sales?"

In short - you'll be able to talk to your spreadsheets like you were asking an assistant to record and fetch values for you.

This is just the start - we have other plans for how we can work with spreadsheets and other files stored in Google Drive. And we would love to hear your thoughts about next steps as well, after you try it out.

Glass users are, rightfully, going to ask what happened to the Vodo they were so familiar with. Trust us - Glass is always on our minds as well! Glass was a new interface, and we learned a lot from Glass that we are bringing to this Google Home version, and we hope the changes will go in both directions.

Until then, you will need a Google Home. You can learn more about Vodo Drive, and connect it to your account, at

And stay tuned for more news as we can... talk about it!

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A great mashup of Google technologies, allowing you to make conversational queries to data in a spreadsheet.
I wrote up a summary of how I used Google Sheets and Apps Script to provide data and an API for an action.

If the topics listed towards the end of the post strike a chord with you, please let me know!


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Is something broken in your classroom? Is your computer not working?

Learn how to create a quick and simple issues reporting system using Google Forms, Sheets, and of course, Apps Script.

As we work in a multilingual environment, it also allows issues to be reported in different languages and translated into the local language.

This includes:
*setFormulaR1C1 (adding formulas to your sheet via Apps Script)
*Utilities.formatDate (Formatting the timestamp to the way you want it)
*Improving the look of automatic emails using basic HTML formatting
*Adding options to your email, such as, htmlCode and replyTo

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Incredible work by +Ben Collins, using Apps Script to stitch Sheets and external sales data into a compelling dashboard.
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