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Eric Koleda
Member of the Developer Relations team at Google.
Member of the Developer Relations team at Google.

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Sheets API + Slides API = G Sweet
Generating slides from spreadsheet data

The G Suite team recently launched the Google Slides API ( With this new API, a whole new set of use cases can now be considered, such as making database and spreadsheet data more presentable. There should be no reason why an application can’t programmatically take that data and create slides with it, all without (much) user intervention.

In this video, Google engineer Wesley Chun walks through a short application demonstrating both the Sheets and Slides APIs. The sample app reads the data from the spreadsheet then creates and populates new slides with that data. It’s almost as easy as it sounds too. In the end, a user would’ve done nothing more than to lift perhaps a finger to make this all happen behind the scenes.

Find out more at:

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Today we announced App Maker, a low-code, application development tool that lets you quickly build and deploy custom apps tailored to your organization’s needs. It's built on Apps Script, but adds a ton of UI widgets, data models, and security features. It's only available to G Suite customers, and is currently in a limited EAP. Learn more here:

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Formatting cells with the Google Sheets API (The G Suite Dev Show)

At Google I/O earlier this year, the Google Sheets team launched their next generation API ( This updated API has many features that weren’t available in previous versions of the API, including cell formatting. In today’s DevByte video, Google engineer +wesley chun demonstrates how to perform a variety of text formatting techniques.

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Shout out to +Steven Bazyl for his amazing work on md2googleslides, a command line application that allows you to author presentations in markdown and convert them to Google Slides. It's built in Node.js and completely open source; a great way to see what the Slides API looks like in action.

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It's been months of work in the making, and I'm super happy to see the Slides API cross the finish line. Get coding!
Introducing the Google Slides API

Today we’re happy to announce ( that Slides API v1 is now generally available for developers! This is the first time we’ve provided developer access to Slides, so this launch breaks new ground, changing the way presentations can be created. No longer do they require manual creation by users on their desktops or mobile devices. Applications leveraging the API can easily generate decks, customized as desired, in short order. Developers use the API by crafting a JSON payload for each request, which you can think of as actions one can perform from the Slides user interface but available programmatically.

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The new "G Suite Dev Show" YouTube series is all G Suite, all the time. Can't wait!
New & updated @Google developer video series

We’re happy to announce that the Launchpad Online video series you’re familiar with is splitting into two! On the Google APIs side, we’re creating a new series called “The G Suite Dev Show” where we’ll continue to show you a variety of things you can do with the G Suite set of APIs & developer tools. On the Launchpad side, the updated Launchpad program is taking off to focus on helping your startup grow.

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+wesley chun does a deep dive into cell formatting with the Google Sheets API.
Formatting cells in Google Sheets with Python One of the critical things that developers have not been able to do in previous versions of the Google Sheets API is to format cells... that's a big deal! Anyway, the past is the past, and I choose to look ahead.

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Some great stats on the Add-ons store.
We recently released the 800th version of Yet Another Mail Merge and I was wondering if other add-ons were updated with the same frequency. So I started to collect data about every add-ons available and here are some metrics.

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NPR used Apps Script and Google Docs to fact check the debate live.

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A project from fellow Googler Garan Jenkin that uses the the Sheets API to build a sweet visual display.
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