I'm not even in the market for a laptop, and I just pre-ordered this 15.6inch thin and light. I was probably going to get a laptop in about 6 months time, but I was so impressed with the no bullshit attitude of the CTO of Vizio, and the conscious design that went into this laptop, that I just ordered it. The only thing that isn't exactly what I want out of a Windows laptop, is a lighted keyboard. I have multiple computers without it, and one with, and while I do prefer it, it's not a deal breaker. The only thing that gets me this excited about computers, is Chrome OS. If I didn't work with the government, and have to have Windows, then I would be all chromebook. I was dreading having to purchase a new laptop, but now I'm so excited to get this one!

Thanks to my beautiful wife +Jessica Jones for being so understanding with my tech addiction! I love you monkey!
Vizio reboots the PC: a quiet American success story takes on sleeping giants http://vrge.co/NryfNn
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