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This is sweet! The new Camera app is kind of a two steps forward, one step back mix of enhancements and losses, but over all it's better. We'll also see a much faster development pace now that it's removed from the core apps and available as a standalone app in Google Play, which is definitely a good thing! If you don't like the new Photo app, you can always just uninstall the update to get the old one back. I look forward to messing around with Photo Blur. 
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Eric Jones

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Better play nice boys/girls! This applies to both my kids, not just my daughter.
This ... Just this...

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That is all.
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Eric Jones

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Google has some great resources available for anyone that wants to learn about technology. It covers all the basic things you were afraid to ask about. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to learn how to use their computer a little bit better. 
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A great resource, thanks +Eric Jones
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PC Load Letter

Usually, when I think of technology, I'm really impressed. When it comes to printers though... not so much. My HP printer has started printing faded, barely legible grey instead of black, even with brand new cartridges. I've spent hours on different forums, wasting ink on cleaning the print heads, and wasting money on replacement printer cartridges. HP isn't any help, only offering to sell me a new HP printer at a "discount" which is actually way more expensive than retail. I'm not even sure if I was really talking to HP customer service, or some scam artist that has hijacked their 800 number. I'm looking through Amazon reviews for printers, and every single company, and every single printer has, at least a few, really bad reviews. 

If there is any technology sector that is ripe for a change and innovation, printers is definitely it. It's widely known that printer ink is crazy overpriced, verging on criminal. They are shady as hell, disabling all printing when an unrelated color has run out, and other manner of trickery. Cartridges come in various sizes, with no transparency in how much ink is actually included. They clog, , jam, dry up, and are generally pretty crappy. If knew anything at all about manufacturing printers, I'd form a printer company and destroy the competition. It seriously can't be this hard to have a printer that can print a few documents and photos every month or so. 

I think the most frustrating part, are all of the people that still insist on having printed versions of things. I had to print out a utility bill to prove that I still live in my house to register my kids for school next year. Seriously? What's the point in giving you "proof" of my address when it can so easily be faked? Why waste paper and ink, when my address is on my driver's license? 

BTW, office space came out in 1999. 15 years later, and not much has changed.
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I have some laser printer... Samsung :)
And already not happy.
But at least it is not drying out like ink printer.
I will never buy ink jet printer anymore. 
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Eric Jones

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Drivers for Android on Windows are really terrible. I'm not sure who or what's to blame. I have two Nexus 7 (2012) that the kids use. I'm having serious lag issues on both of them. Clearing cache in recovery helps a little bit for a little while. Auto trim doesn't seem to be working. I can't run trim manually because even though they were rooted, I didn't preserve root through one of the updates (no idea which one). So I reroot one of them without any problems. I switch to the other one, and then suddenly it detects the tablet as a Samsung instead of a Nexus 7, and ADB won't work. How does Windows detect two essentially identical tablets as two different ones? Uninstalling, and reinstalling drivers sort of works, but you have to do it for MTP, PTP, and ADB. This kind of inconsistency in the results from an action, for no discernible reason, is what makes me want to work in a different profession sometimes.
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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
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Look at me! I'm a bad ass! I don't have to stop riding my bike to do a wardrobe URMMPh!
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Oops (hehe).
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Eric Jones

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Texas Bluebonnets
It's pretty much the law here in Texas that you have to  take pictures in a field of Bluebonnets when spring finally arrives. The bluebonnets are beautiful this year, just enough rain and sunshine mixed with moderate temperatures. This field happens to also have some paintbrush flowers in it as well. I may go out and shoot some more, as I really like the photos with the fence in the background, but didn't have any with the fence where they were both smiling.  They sit still and smile better than when they were younger, but they are still a little rambunctious. The clouds cooperated by slightly diffusing the sun, which was nice since it wasn't quite the golden hour yet. 
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Eric Jones

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Ha! My son just sneezed and farted at the same time.
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Oh yeah you know it! BAAAAHAHAHA
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Have you seen this and easily read it? You've got a great mind! Well, not necessarily. Follow the link to read more about it.
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Ha! That's funny. I have gotten several emails like this and always read them easily. I think after deciphering so much poor spelling in texts, this is easy.. But great mind....hmmm
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Eric Jones

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Can anyone recommend some good games that use Google Play's cloud save? Biggest turn off for me for a game is not supporting it. I probably won't play it if it doesn't, unless it's a game where progress doesn't really matter. I've already played Riptide GP and Reaper. Looking for something new. Anyone else picky about that feature in games now?
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When Angry Birds first debuted I had that issue.  I was, and still am to some extent, a little bit of a crack flasher.  I crammed through most of the levels then flashed a new Nightly and had to wipe my phone to restore it.  Hours of progress gone at the literal touch of the red button.  
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I fix computers and computer like things. I work with soldiers, but I'm not one anymore. You can also find me in the Chrome OS group, Chromebook Central, quite often.
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I'm currently spreading my time between family, work, school (working on my BS CS software emphasis), Skylanders, Minecraft, Ingress, photography, fossil hunting and random gadgets. You can expect me to post things about those topics. I use Chrome OS, Android, and Windows primarily, but also work with Linux and Unix. You can expect me to talk about those things as well.

 I'm hopelessly optimistic about the future and the positive affect that technology will have on our lives. I'm also hopelessly unable to distinguish the difference between affect and effect, and when you should use one or the other. 
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