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Hi All,
I'm thinking about replacing our fleet of PCs in the school library with Acer Chromeboxes. Before I set about this, has anyone set something like this up, and is there anything that I should be super aware of? 

Hi All, I have a strange problem with a Chromebook that I'm playing with. Through the school network I can use my personal Google account but I can't use my GAFE account. On my DEECD Lenovo I can log into either happily. From home, both accounts work fine. Has anyone experienced this? Is there an easy solution?

HI All, I'm just setting up the GAFE domain at my school. Ideally I'd like to run an active directory sync, but that's going to take a little time (isn't it?). Can anyone tell me, if I create one or two hundred student accounts before the AD sync as pilot classes, will they be messed up when we finally do the AD sync? I'd hate for anyone to be messed around and lose faith in the system, but I'm also eager to let those who are straining at the leash to get underway.
Grateful for any advice.

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For years I've wanted to see penguins play soccer. Here it is.
A long way to go before I get a job in games design. Sigh.

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I'm pretty rarely proud of anything, but I'm a bit happy with my Pass It On project.

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