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The purpose of science is to shine a light in the darkness, and lasers do it hard enough to set the darkness on fire!
The purpose of science is to shine a light in the darkness, and lasers do it hard enough to set the darkness on fire!

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Check out the cool advances in SciTech Sunday!
SciTech Digest - 12/2017.
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Superfluid Helium entropy, Military robots, Metal foams, DeepMind memory trick, Persistent DNA origami, Transparent ceramics, How DNA is packaged, X-Raying integrated circuits, Cleavable cell control, Antenna-less smartphones.

1. Another Link Between Superfluid Helium & Black Holes
Yet another parallel between superfluid helium and black holes has been inferred, that being that the entropy of the system grows at the same rate as the area of the system and not the volume

2. Military Robots
First, much bigger fully robotic tanks up to 20 tons in size will soon be entering service, and second, in news surprising no one hacked commercial drones are being turned into Improvised Explosive Devices

3. Metal Foams & Laser Melted Structures
First, a new selective laser melting method can produce functionally graded crystallographic metallic materials with fine internal structures that convey different properties Second, new composite metal foams show effective capabilities in ballistics armour, radiation shielding, and heat resistance

4. DeepMind’s Memory Trick
DeepMind shows how using a parameter known as neural episodic control results in an order of magnitude fewer interactions with the environment required to learn a task, and leading to much faster AI learning

5. Long Life DNA Origami
Specifically designed block copolymers can now be created to self-assemble and envelop DNA origami structures, significantly boosting lifetime and resistance to decomposition in biological media

6. Super-Hard Transparent Ceramics
For the first time popular industrial ceramic cubic silicon nitride has been synthesised, resulting in a super-hard window resistant to harsh industrial conditions It is the third hardest ceramic after diamond (but can withstand double the temperature) and boron nitride (which is not transparent).

7. How DNA is Packaged in a Cell
A new imaging technique known as Hi-C has allowed the first direct 3D structural images of DNA is packaged in a cell to be observed for the first time

8. X-Rays of Integrated Circuits
X-Rays can now be used to produce complete 3D models of integrated circuits from conventional computer chips, and allowing such chips to be reverse engineered much more rapidly Interesting not just for competitor chip makers but also “personal” security given Vault7 leaks concerning deliberate hardware vulnerabilities.

9. Cleavable Cell Light Control
Cell processes can now be controlled in a new way with light via linking two proteins together via a molecular bridge that breaks in response to light of a certain wavelength, releasing the proteins to initiate their normal functions

10. Antenna-less Smartphones
Fractus is a company trying to commercialise its antenna-less smartphone technology, which involves replacing the smartphone antenna with a much smaller component known as an antenna booster that co-opts the phone’s existing circuitry to radiate signals

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Of course, a highly skilled engineer who developed the technology could replicate it as well. Even if he did not steal the files his resulting technology would probably have a lot in common with the stuff he developed at Google. To bad his contract probably made it Google's property, which would imply that replication would also be theft.

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Using the Sun as a lense just requires a telescope 550 AU away 😀

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Interesting article. I completely agree that media is more and more subduing you but access to, but not something you physically own. A few of my friends have subscriptions to electric car services that allow you to book an electric car at a moment's notice. Uber has become effectively illegal in Denmark so it is less popular, but there are still many decentralized services available. I would not be surprised if this was the future.

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Interesting project. If it works I could envision many such islands with the only major issue being transport of the power

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It seems odd that the Republican party wouldn't have the right slogans in place. Much of their power depends on that.

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Excellent and well written article on Saudi Arabia's cultural expansion efforts in Indonesia

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Still haven't reached full body volume, but every advance helps!

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Why Is Finland Able to Fend Off Putin’s Information War? | Foreign Policy

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This is unfortunate. It leaves to much room for abuse.
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