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One of my faves from a rainy day wedding last month in San Jose, CA.  

I only got two frames fired off (this was my first) before my Pocket Wizards stopped working.  I checked my settings, changed the batteries, nothing...worried it had shorted out from the rain...eventually had to move on...found out back at the reception it just wasn't screwed on to my hot shoe tight enough.  Doh.  Thank goodness this first shot came out ok and I didn't lie belly down on the wet street for nada. :)

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Great photo. Did you use a remote flash?
Nice! Where did the precipitation come from? (Can't tell if its water or snow.)
Wow that's an amazing shot +Eric James Leffler, the billions of sparking rain drops make this a wonderful fairytale. Well worth getting down in the rain for :)
Thanks everyone! +Vincenz Amann yes, I used a Nikon SB900 on a stand triggered with PW's behind the couple set to TTL.  +Erica Joy it was just a light rain drizzle, could barely feel it, but the back flash really makes it pop.
Great one Eric!  Awesome reflection.
Now that is some dedication to the craft.  Exceptional.
Beautiful. I am sure they're Indian couples.
+Eric James Leffler, no problemo amigo. Love your efforts, A+, contest winner worthy, wall hanger, etc.   I still throw props to +Tony Hoffer who showed me what its all about!  Keep it real amigo!
PS.  love the little face reflection, that seals the deal !
This is why I'm not a professional photographer, amazing:)
Thank you +Rick Bucich and Ryan!  And appreciate that tons +Matt Adcock. You and +Tony Hoffer are both huge sources of inspiration for me.  For reals, whenever I am struggling for creativity on location, I often stop and think, "What would Hoffer or Del Sol do?" :)
You are my wedding hero! You have inspired me to hope for a rainy wedding day.
yeah.......i hope one day...can have wedding day like that.......hahhahahahahahaaaaaa
Thanks guys! I really do wish it would rain at every wedding I shoot.  For like 30 minutes.  After dark.  Haha
Woah, this is too epic, glad you got this before things went haywire! 
I am in awe! The colors are so intense, the reflections are gorgeous. The lights seem to form a heart. Perfection! 
One of the most beautiful wedding photographs I've seen. Enchanting!
Never seen you looking so Wonderful as did tonight. ;-) 
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