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Accountant. Writer. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Let's Work Together!
Accountant. Writer. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Let's Work Together!


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It's tax time, and with that comes the rush to comply with all of the IRS filing deadlines.

Due to this mad dash, as well as the fear of being penalized for not complying--on time or at all--small businesses are getting screwed.


By being told they need to send out Form 1099-MISC when it's unnecessary. And being charged for the filing to boot!

There's also a secondary issue arising when this happens.

Read on to find out how to tell if you're filing properly and what that second, very annoying issue is!
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Tracking The Progress Of My Hardest Hit Fund Program Application

When the housing bubble burst, things went to shit for a lot of people. You know who got it the worst? The ones who always kept current on their mortgage payments. With so many people walking away from their responsibilities or having their properties taken back by the banks, those of us who were responsible saw out property values plummet.

The government gave the 16 states with the worst situations money to distribute to those people who honored their responsibilities, but in Florida, the distribution of funds has not gone so well.

This is the journal of my personal experience with the Hardest Hit Fun program, in which I detail my experience on a day-to-day basis from application to completion (assuming I get any assistance). Be sure to check back daily to see if any new developments occur!
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It only takes a second people, so help a worthy cause!
Hey everyone! I'm trying to win a grant from Chase for Sitting for a Cause (my side business where I pet/house sit and give 50% of my profits to animal related causes) so I can expand and make an even bigger difference. I could really use your support! Please take a moment to vote for me so I make it through to the next round and increase my odds of being able to help even more animals. Thank you!
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So I was curious and checked someone's Twitter profile who had an unnaturally massive amount of followers (I'll show some restraint for once, and not publish their name...for now).

I get to their list of followers and find what looks to be thousands of fake Asian girls' profiles--you know following thousands of people but only having like 5 followers themselves with very little activity. I mean, seriously, what possible benefit does one get from that?

It's not like this person does anything other than post their own links and sometimes retweet things from others to begin with, so they really don't meet the "social" component of the medium to begin with, so I guess it would only make sense that the only way a person like that can gain so many followers would be to buy fake ones.

But still, am I the only one who this strikes as pathetic and mildly irritating (yes, it's ok if I'm the only one, I just would feel more comfortable with having someone tell me so)!

#Twitter   #socialmedia  
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So, I found myself on the +New York Post website today, and saw this headline that that grabbed my attention ( which threw me for a loop since I know there was a lot of talk lately about her not being too fond of her curves (since she dates Justin Verlander, sports talk radio mentioned it quite a bit--I don't actually know these things).

I actually clicked the link just to see if she had actually said those words, and lo and behold, she didn't. What she said was that people from Florida have that kind of attitude.

Now, I don't care about the story one way or the other, but I'm really quite tired of stupid headlines, especially ones that twist the actual words and take things out of context just to attract clicks and views. To me, it's just irresponsible and more than that, I consider it to be only something low-life clowns with no class would do.

So my question to you is:

Would you or have you ever stooped to to a level this low in order to get page views? If so, where do you draw the line on how spammy or irresponsible you will get in your writing?
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A LOT of people need to read this. Then look at a real developer's work versus the shit you find on +Fiverr  or those $99 sites. Then, again, look at the crappy site you made yourself compared to the real expert, and stop being so cheap and pay for the quality you want!
Hooray! I found a great article about web design pricing!!!

This is so much better than my own post awhile back on the same topic. If you've ever wondered why designers and devs charge so much, this post will break it down for you.
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Client: I know the kids sent the stuff in a couple weeks ago.

Me: I have to wait to see if they get a 1099 from the brokerage.

Client: how much can there be in the account, $5?

Me: It could be $1 or it could be be $1m, there's no difference

Client: You should rethink that remark. There's a big difference.

Me: Not for me. I have to report it on the return regardless of the amount if a 1099 is issued so let me worry about what needs to be done since it's what I do.

Client: Ok just let me know.

I love putting people in their place when they try to tell me how to do my job
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So it appears as though +Best Buy may have lost me as a customer.

I have been a charge card holder and Reward Zone/My Best Buy member for at least the past 6 years (even reaching Elite status in a couple of those years). It was always super convenient as the store was one of the first and best to implement in-store pickup for online orders.

And, it was supplemented even more by the fact that you could shop though a portal, gaining points toward that reward program AND get the long-term 0% financing, all while earning Best Buy Rewards points at the same time.

Well, it seems as though that all changed in November of 2013 and the company did a horrible job of communicating that to its customers. 

This past January, my computer died, and I picked up a new one from +Best Buy choosing to pay it off over 18 months, because, I'd rather keep my money earning something rather than pay it and lose that earning power however little it may be.

I never received the points, so I called the customer service number and was told that because I chose the financing, I gave up the option to earn points. It used to be that you could choose either the financing and standard points credit, OR no financing and bonus points credit.

Now, according to what I was told, you have to choose from points or financing straight up. 

Suffice it to say, that's some extremely disappointing news, and I'll have to think long and hard about my relationship with the store. I've never been one to worry about being loyal to a particular brand, instead opting to go wherever I got the most benefit. In the case of computers/entertainment stuff it had always been +Best Buy because of the great reward program.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case any longer.
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