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This is pretty adorable, but I have to confess - I was hoping it would be about someone running off with the miter.

Today I learned the difference between "cagey" and "cadgy." Thank goodness I caught that little mix up.

Cagey - careful, wary

Cadgy - cheerful or wanton. Or, biologically, in rut.

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If you like epic stories, cinematic action sequences and inventive magic powers, Sanderson's your man just about every time. Things aren't always happy-go-lucky in Sanderland, but he doesn't right the sort of grim, grinding fiction you get from the Joe Abercrombies and Sam Sykes of the world.

I enjoyed Way of Kings, and I have book 2 (Words of Radiance) though I haven't yet read it. Definitely worth the pick up.

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This seems so bizarrely arbitrary.

The justification, that there are worries about explosives being smuggled aboard in electronics, doesn't really explain anything.

If it's a concern, why just these 10 hubs? Why just direct flights? Has a terrorist plot ever even involved such a flight? This seems so simple to circumvent. Just take a short hop to some European city and stay on the plane during layover...

And why just electronics? Why not any item bigger than a cell phone? You can't sneak dangerous items aboard in a box of raisins?

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Some days I love Unsounded so much.

"It's all taking with money. It's selling your life to someone else; giving them more than they need all for the accident of them being luckier than you."

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Holy crap, I loved this book.

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I believe this may become the Official GIF of the Honaker Parents.

You in, +Sonya Honaker?

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Pickles, dropping truth bombs. This is why I totally understand +Sonya Honaker's love of Lu La Roe leggings.

In the last D&D game I ran, it was set up around an encroachment by plant-infested "zombies." Kind of like The Ruins, but on a much grander scale.

Anyway, out of the blue today I realized I had completely dropped the ball by not having a monster that was made of moss and changed form. A lichenthrope.

Great quote from a YouTube video I just watched:

"Box of Spiders. Since I canceled Loot Crate, it's been my go-to subscription box. Once a month they send you a box full of spiders. Use coupon code OHGODWHY to get 10% off at checkout."
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