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Eric Holmlund
Internet Marketer & Online Business Teacher
Internet Marketer & Online Business Teacher

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Here's why I didn't post much on Google+ last year:

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Freebie Friday!

One of the most common questions I receive is "how can I make some money RIGHT NOW?"

There's usually a tinge of desperation in the tone of the question. Most of us can relate to it at some point.

When it comes to building a sustainable online business, I teach mostly long-term methods that take time to build up. In other words, I'm focused on building a real business and not on fast-cash tactics.

Still, the question keeps coming up. What can a person do if they need some cash right now?

One of the best solutions I've seen over and over again is to sell SOMETHING. Chances are you have something in your possession that you can sell, and if not, you can find something--or sell something for someone else.

You could hock your item at a pawn shop. There may be certain circumstances where that could make sense, but as we all know, pawn shops profit from people's desperation. Chances are you'll receive a fraction of the item's value!

A better solution for most items is to sell them online. For something large and/or with a local market, craigslist or gumtree are great ways to go. For anything very valuable or collectible, ebay is often the best bet.

Yet there's another massive marketplace right in front of us, that most of us have not yet tapped into.

Facebook :-)

Today I've posted a free ebook explaining how to turn your unwanted stuff into quick sales on Facebook:

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Please join me in supporting Swim With Mike, a great organization helping physically challenged student athletes:

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Was honored to paint this mural for House of Neighborly Service in Loveland last month. See explanation here

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Uber driver makes $90k by NOT driving:
This is basically an example of offline affiliate marketing. Have you done anything like it?

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Here is a good example of how small inexpensive tweaks can enable you to charge more for your product:

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My wife has an incredible blog, I'm so proud of her! You should check it out, especially if you're a mom:

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I am recommending ASM6 because it's a REAL opportunity and Amazon is hotter than ever. Watch the video that I made with my friend Nate, and check out our $6000 value bonus here:

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Check out how some friends of mine built successful businesses on Amazon in the past few months:

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They suspended one woman’s $70k/month business. Will yours be next? See why you might want to think twice about your business model, and make sure you’re not caught in the crosshairs of a bigger business…
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