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Put together my list of favorite music pieces on YouTube today. Feel free to have a listen! 
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Faaaaaaaart souuuunnnnnds
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This isn't just a Minecraft clone. This is a Dragon Quest game that integrated Minecraft-like aspects.

Taking place some time after the first Dragon Quest game, it also doesn't feel like the blocky aspect was just tacked on for the sake of it... It feels like Alefgard followed Dotnia's lead and decided to give 3D a whirl.

The music is straight-up Dragon Quest. All your familiar favorites have a fresh coat of paint. The controls were good... The only reason you'll see me stumbling is because I was trying to use muscle memory from Minecraft. ^^;

Crafting and building make sense, and though it may seem like a limitation at first, I think the fact that the initial town area is so small is a good thing. Helps one focus on building it up so when an expansion comes, you can just start to work on the new area.

I will likely go back and putter around some more... Especially since I can poke at this on my Vita as well. (Though the Demo won't let me transfer my save...) I think putting out the Demo was a great move on Squeenix's part. It's a great taste of what sets this apart from the obvious comparison to Minecraft, but it feels like this might be the first glimmer of a true Dragon Quest RPG on the Playstation family.

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I have to talk to mom about sending me messages that make it seem like I’m stuck in the Matrix.

+Jenni Larson
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I finished the Tutorial and was rewarded with... well... Not just my FIRST trophy.

Today's video is 'Defense Grid 2' by Hidden Path Entertainment.

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Second First Trophy, Same as the First... Uhm... Trophy?

Well, not really. This time I'm taking on 'Tembo the Badass Elephant' by Game Freak.

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Question regarding NC HB2...

If regulating which bathroom transsexuals use is illegal sexism, wouldn't that extend to having separate male / female bathrooms in general?

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+Ben Paine​ ...but they're SO tasty... 
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This is making the rounds at work. XD

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're enjoying the holiday safely. Of course accidents happen and there are a few things that can go wrong. So let's cover a few of the possible ICD-10 codes that may be needed.

Hopefully your turkey is not in a fighting mood on Thanksgiving Day. But if there are some fowl looking for revenge....

W61.42 Struck by turkey
W71.43 Pecked by turkey
W61.49 Other Contact with turkey
A70 Chlamydia psittaci infections (Infection is a possibility)

The primary activity is cooking:

Y93.G3 Activity, cooking and baking
G56.03 Carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral upper limbs (There are a lot of potatoes to mash and if you don't have a good mixer....)
X15.3 Burn from a saucepan or skillet
X15.0 Burn from a stove

And eating isn't as safe as you might think:

R63.2 Polyphagia (Overeating)
A02.0 Salmonella enteritis
A04.5 Campylobacter enteritis
E70.5 Disorders of tryptophan metabolism
R46.4 Slowness and poor responsiveness
R14.2 (Eructation)

And sometimes family dinner isn't as joyous as we think it should be:

Z63.1 (Problems in relationship with in-laws)
W27.4XXA (Contact with kitchen utensil, initial encounter)


After all that cooking, cleaning and traveling over the river and through the woods, exhaustion is a possibility (T73.3XXA).


There's a code for everything! 
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Testing the new 60fps streaming feature on the Firmware 4.00 Beta. I haven't touched Ground Zeroes since last year, so... yeah. Should have started with the tutorial again.

The streaming, however, did pretty well, despite my typically crappy upstream bandwidth. One caveat is that local video capture is disabled while streaming at 60fps... Presumably to allow the capture processor to go full-on with the streaming.

No word on when the full release will be, but between this and the revamped menus (FOLDERS. FOLDERS!!!), it's the biggest update to the PS4 OS since launch.

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OK, so it didn't survive reentry.... But it sure was a stunning flight!

+PlayStation+Kerbal Scientist​
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I asked about that on Twitter. No Mods on release, but SQUAD said they'd look into adding support later on.
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Eric Hanson (TesseractE)

Human and Civil Rights  - 
I wonder if this will get congressional Democrats' attention... Not often that the ACLU and the GOP agree.

All the rage about the most recent bout in the gun debate has blinded too many to the fact that they're supporting the very lists they not long ago decried as Orwellian relics of the post-9/11 Bush Era.

Debate the 2nd Amendment all you like, but I'm less thrilled about challenges to the 5th.
"The ACLU strongly urges you to vote against the Collins Amendment because it uses the error-prone and unfair watchlist system, along with vague and overbroad terms, as a predicate for a proce...
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+Eric Hanson Most of my life the ACLU and I have marched the same marches. I THINK it is they who have gone astray. Try this:
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I've been contemplating a YouTube feature for a while based on one of my gaming habits: I tend to play a game at LEAST until I earn my first Trophy.

Most of the time, this usually gives the game a fair chance to make its case and gives me a good idea of whether I want to keep playing or not. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it's over before I know it.

Since I've never done something like this before, I thought I'd start with one from the latter category: Terraria, by 505 Games. I've got a few more videos waiting for production, but I wanted to get a structure and style down before I tackled anything bigger.

Let me know what you think! I'd also be up for suggestions for future games to showcase!

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+Leigh Timper​​ : Hey, Peanut. Do I have some meat in my hand? Oops! I don't! (to me) It was sleight of ham.
Me: *wince*
Leigh: Hey, Peanut liked it... She's purring!
Me: Cats also purr when they're in pain.
Leigh: *almost spit-takes her sandwich*
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