Saga Storm

When John Stentz said to me "this game kicks ass, we should do an event". I grinned. I was thinking the same thing.  4 months later we had a logo, shirts, dice, several new gaming boards, new terrain and about 20+ people who really wanted to get together and have fun.

As simple as I can keep this-
we had open gaming all day at the Fantasy Flight Gaming Center. Then around 6pm we formed up shieldwalls of Vikings(Norse Gael included) vs Anglos, Scotts and Normans for a fantastic mega battle.  It was a very pleasant surprise to find out a saga mega battle goes as quick as the normal game. In case you want to know- the Vikings took the victory. Skol!

John and I can't thank people enough for coming down to make this happen.  Will this happen again next year? yes it will. :)

Below I've attached some links to other peoples coverage and photos:

Jason Meyers' board he brought down was really rural with a nice ship burial-

Bart Kersteter-

Zach Shelley-

Tor Swanson-

Monty Luhmann's blog had great coverage-

Again thank you to everyone who helped including FFG and to John with your event ideas- high five!

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