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Adepticon 2015
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The US Saga Grand Melee 2015.

A huge thanks to everyone who played and helped make this a great event. Aaron and I saw some great looking warbands and we hope to see new ones next year. We hope to expand the event a little and into the next door room. We hope to see you all next year if not sooner. 

Again, thank you for making this tourney awesome.

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Warhammer - My Orktober Waaagh.

I had my first game of fantasy since spring against my good friend Roder and his Lizardmen. It was great to get my boyz out and stomp across the field once more.

I thought I was doing well in the beginning but it turns out that Roder just had some bad dice giving me a fake sense of accomplishment. hah. The lizards regrouped after a couple of frustrating turns and brought back their plan giving them victory over Gorbad's army.

Roder mentioned that his newest ripperdactyl units just aren't worth their points-  I think he's right as they had a hard time fighting my lowly goblin wolf riders. They did kill the mighty Gorbad with a sweet killing blow move and I think they look awesome so I say get the painting finished at least for the looks. :)

My ipad was in the hands of my family so I was left with my Iphone 4 and it's weak little camera so please excuse the not-so-perfect pictures.

Thanks again for the game. It was great to roll some hammer again!
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Saga - Us Saga Grand Melee - Adepticon 2015

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Saga Storm

When John Stentz said to me "this game kicks ass, we should do an event". I grinned. I was thinking the same thing.  4 months later we had a logo, shirts, dice, several new gaming boards, new terrain and about 20+ people who really wanted to get together and have fun.

As simple as I can keep this-
we had open gaming all day at the Fantasy Flight Gaming Center. Then around 6pm we formed up shieldwalls of Vikings(Norse Gael included) vs Anglos, Scotts and Normans for a fantastic mega battle.  It was a very pleasant surprise to find out a saga mega battle goes as quick as the normal game. In case you want to know- the Vikings took the victory. Skol!

John and I can't thank people enough for coming down to make this happen.  Will this happen again next year? yes it will. :)

Below I've attached some links to other peoples coverage and photos:

Jason Meyers' board he brought down was really rural with a nice ship burial-

Bart Kersteter-

Zach Shelley-

Tor Swanson-

Monty Luhmann's blog had great coverage-

Again thank you to everyone who helped including FFG and to John with your event ideas- high five!

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Saga - Uffington White Horse, Big Hill and a new 3x4 board. #Sagastorm
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Saga - Vikings & the Gael Norse

More runes were thrown down at Fantasy Flight Games again as Vikings drew swords to gut each other over a large hill.

Along with getting a new big-hill terrain piece done, I managed to score one more game with Monty and his Gael Norse before the Saga Storm hits.

Having never played the Gaels made this a fun night and we played a new scenario- the Last Stand, from the new Crescent & Cross book. 

Without too many details Monty thought he was losing around turn5 but pulled the tide of battle back for him on the seventh and won the game. Pretty epic.

After that game I stuck around to watch John Redmann and Steve Schreader duke it out with more Vikings and Gael Norse. John tried out Bróðir of Man who only hangs out with his Hearthguard. They had a very close battle as well with the Gaels pulling victory out- probably due to Bróðir's evil sorcery. :)

My old friend Jason Meyers managed to make a visit down and talk some gaming with Monty and others. He'll be making his appearance at the Saga Storm as well with his vikings.


Thanks for the game Monty and we'll see all of you at the Saga Storrm!  Thor watch over all!

Time to get a couple more small terrain projects done ...
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New terrain- Hills for any game that might be played on my green boards.

The movable hill with the White Horse of Uffington is obviously is dedicated to Saga. Not quite as big as the original-  but better for gaming purposes.

I'd like to think of it dedicated to the Pale Horsemen, Svein-
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We went to a Nordic Music festival in Victoria Minnesota yesterday and they had a little viking section set up with weapons and armour.

They suited up with armour and metal swords to put on a show. Then they started hitting each other hard and shields started exploding! 

Now Leif wants me to make us some wooden shields...

Probably should stick to legos and duct tape shields for the moment. :)
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Saga - Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Another night down at FFG and set up my board to play against some new people. John Redmann's friend Bob was new and came to see some Saga so we got him started with a small game using the Challenge scenario and John's Vikings.

Bob had a really good time and he's hooked. He hasn't decided which warband he wants but now he has a taste of the game.

My second opponent was my nights main event. Zach Shelley- who plays a variety of games with WFB being the most prominent. This guy is fun to play. He was laid back and excited about his Anglo Saxons.

Zach had some good ideas running his warband the first time so I think he's going to enjoy this game. His Saxons are in the middle of painting as he's getting them ready for the Saga Storm. IZach is a good painter, so I'm excited to see the end result!

Thanks again to Zach and Bob for the fun games. I'm looking forward to seeing your warbands again!

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