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For S&G, I downloaded the Kubuntu .iso (currently using Ubuntu Precise Pangolin). I would like to give KDE a whirl.

Is it better to install using the image on USB or use apt-get?
Is there anything I should remove from the Ubuntu install prior to doing this to prevent things from "breaking"?
and if I do this, I know others do quite often, how do I keep installs clean?

My /home is in a seperate partition so, in theory, I shouldn't lose data.

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there's kdrc in $home, 2 or 3 folders in .config and the rest is stored nice and clean under .kde so just installing "kubuntu-full" metapackage should be fine..

but you already downloaded an iso file.. if you are planning a dualboot system i would go for it.. IMHO Kubuntu is not just ubuntu with kde..
don't forget to install "kubuntu-restricted-extras" "imagemagick" and "kipi-plugins" to use the full potential of gwenview etc.

happy configuring kde (it's options are endless in some cases) :)
I used the 32-bit iso to test run on a few systems. My primary is 64-bit so I have to download again anyways. I suppose, in this case, an apt-get would work appropriately.

My tests of it are what have me leaning towards a KDE environment. I enjoy the customization that Unity (and maybe Gnome as well) lacks.
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