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Experienced Linux Users:

Any idea why the 'System Monitor' won't load? (referring to the sysmon that lets you kill processes etc that comes loaded with the OS) I've tried searching for an answer and all I am finding is talk of conky.

I am running a relatively fresh install +Linux Mint.
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gnome-system-monitor? have you tried running it from the command line and seeing what it spits out? for me i know VMWare screws it over pretty bad and i have to reboot to get it to come up again.
you could try installing htop - which runs on the command line and is similar to most of the system monitors out there - but lighter.
could well be gnome issue, you could try and run it in fallback mode or MATE,
Thanks for responding, +kienan vella.

This is the output: "ERROR:proctable.cpp:134:void proctable_set_columns_order(GtkTreeView*, GSList*): assertion failed: (id >= 0 && id < NUM_COLUMNS)

I am a Linux Novice (this Mint and Ubuntu prior to this) and don't know what this means. I will give htop a whirl, but still would like to know why this didn't work from Day 1.
hmm... could have been a failed install. you could try completely removing it and it's config files, and then reinstalling it.
I understand that I can install it with "sudo apt-get install gnome-system-monitor", but what command re-installs?
you have to remove it and reinstall it, the purge command will remove it
sudo apt-get reinstall gnome-system monitor.

or you could just do a complete removal first by doing
sudo apt-get --purge remove gnome-system monitor
and then just plain install it afterwards
reinstall returned "invalid operation"... so I purged. After re-install, I am receiving the same error. Hmm....
Okay, if I run "sudo gnome-system-monitor" it will load, but with this error in terminal "** (gnome-system-monitor:5161): WARNING **: SELinux was found but is not enabled."
yep - that's what i am seeing. it's actually a known bug.
I am happy that I can get it to load with sudo now, but disappointed it won't load outside of that.
well, run your updates - i'm sure it will be fixed sooner rather than later. you could try to run the KDE system monitor, or htop (which i personally like much better since it can be run over SSH with minimal lag)
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