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+Andrew Craucamp wrote a pretty good run-down, with side-by-side comparisons, of what to expect when upgrading Ubuntu Linux today. It's particularly helpful for those of us that are new to Linux.

I recommend +Ubuntu or +Linux Mint to anyone that is displeased with Windows or even Mac. They are very easy to use and have a lot of versatility. Also, everything the avg user needs is free. It is nice to know that I won't be paying anything out of pocket outside of donations to those coding the free and open-source software.

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Nah, my son was trying to install the new version the other day, unsuccessfully. I thought it might help him.

I would consider it if I had time... I may try it before I install Windows 7 if I ever get the money to buy the upgrade, hehe.
If you/he need help, don't hesitate to ask. I'm new to Linux, but can make just about anything on a computer work and am willing to assist.

I've kept Win7 on my computers in case I run into something I need/want that is Windows only, but my primary is Linux now. I wouldn't pay to upgrade to Win7 unless you have Vista and it is causing you serious issues and you NEED to run a functional Windows system. 7 is good, but I wouldn't pay for it.
Yeah.... I have crappy Vista. Thanks for offering the help. :)
Apparently, they do work... with the use of a program called Wine. You run the setup through Wine and it makes it work on Linux. Unless a developer makes the game for Linux, it won't run without work... much like trying to run a Windows program on a Mac. This computer doesn't let me paste links, otherwise I'd link you directly, but their site is
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