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I am hearing more and more related to lowering body temperatures to save lives.

"We are suspending life, but we don't like to call it suspended animation because it sounds like science fiction," says Samuel Tisherman, a surgeon at the hospital, who is leading the trial. "So we call it emergency preservation and resuscitation."

Call it what you will, this is a great step. 

When someone reaches an emergency department with a traumatic gunshot injury or stab wound, slow cooling isn't an option. Often their heart has stopped beating due to extreme blood loss, giving doctors only minutes to stop the bleeding and restart the heart. Even if the bleeding can be stopped, it's not like filling up an empty gas tank. Resuscitation exposes the body to a sudden onslaught of oxygen, which can cause tissues to release chemicals that damage cells and cause fatal "reperfusion" injuries.

Finding ways to cool the body until it reaches a state of suspended animation – where people are not alive but not yet dead – could give doctors more time in an emergency.

I am sure this will become standard operation in the near future.

DARPA & Army years ago:

Today, a Hospital in Pittsburg:

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Eric Goulet

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Grade School educated me on the Food Pyramid. Their pyramid had a basis in bread/pasta/grains with the top of the pyramid labled use fats and oils sparingly. This moved to MyPyramid and MyPlate each with a similar high grain/lower meat foundation.

Recently, I flipped the Food Pyramid on it's head resulting in phenomenal changes in my focus and physical appearance. Focusing on cutting fat, calories, and exercising more never showed anything too significant. P90X and Insanity were nice, but can't compare to a good diet change that works for you.

I am interested to see what MyPlate will change to in the coming years and expect that grains and sugars will be frowned upon a bit more.

Different strokes for different folks and all that.

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Eric Goulet

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Our second trip to Chouffe Brewery was a success. On the first trip, we found the gift shop open and the restaurant closed. Apparently, we previously visited during their 2 week summer vacation, but they are normally open year round.

The food was phenomenal. Amongst the three of us, our meals consisted of cheese croquettes, salad, vegetable soup, lasagna,  meatballs glazed with raisins and plums, and finally mousse. It was all top notch and definitely one of the best meals we've had since living in Europe.

For brew, we enjoyed Chouffe Bok 6666 for the first time - copper, fruit, medium-bodied, and slightly bitter. Followed by two oddities - beer mixed with other alcohols. They mixes were listed on the menus as Les melanges: Royal (McChouffe and Cassis/black currants) -- Porto Mac (McChouffe and port wine) -- Picon Chouffe (La Chouffe and some sort of peach). We tried the Royal and Porto Mac. Both were decent, but more of a novelty to us. I won't go for it again. We finished with their IPA to get that off our palate. 

I look forward to going back for their winter N'Ice. Reservations will be a must next-time. There was quite a lot of hustle and bustle and we could not get inside.

#craftbeer   #f  
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This was where we attempted a visit, no?  Sounds like a good time
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Eric Goulet

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Please help to protect the choices of any person whose actions and choices have no victim -- in this case, someone who chooses cryonics.

Here is a link to where people can sign the cryonics petition:  
This petition was created in order to address some common concerns about cryonics; mainly that cryonics is unaffordable, not based on any science and environmentally unfriendly. It also was created to show that regular people who care more than just about themselves, would like the right to choose cryonics if they wish. The Society for Venturism of course, as you most know, runs charity campaigns to help those with no ability to fund cryonics get arrangements. Also many may not know the Venturists do advocacy and support for cryonicists and raise funds for those purposes as well. We hope here never is a legal battle to preserve the right of those who are dying to choose cryonics - just as people dying should have the comfort of being able to choose what they want done with their remains.  If you haven't signed the petition please do so, it should bring up good conversations about cryonics with friends and family when shared.
 ---Thank You, Shannon Vyff, Society for Venturism Board Director. 
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Eric Goulet

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It comes as a surprise to me that the place with the widest selection of brew is on base. We had a designated driver and were able to enjoy a great selection of American and European brews for Xandra's birthday.

Brouwerij ’t IJ - IPA
Now this was interesting. Nude woman on the bottle and the bartender had to warn us about it exploding. Undoubtedly the biggest head you'll ever see other than Kwak poured in its special glass... and if you don't pour it into a glass immediately, expect a mess. Very cloudy IPA with what appears to be remnants from dry-hopping. Tasty.
Flying Dog - Raging Bitch IPA
Great! Clear, clean, and everything you expect from an IPA. This is the ONLY American IPA I can acquire locally.
Anchor - Humming Ale
Nice to have another American.
Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan - Straffe Hendrik Brugs Tripelbier 9°
Fairly good, not amazing. I may appreciate it more having toured the brewery.
Lefebvre - Hopus
I appreciate the hop and Belgian yeast blend here.
Brouwerij Roman - Ename Tripel
Remind me to never have anything Ename again. I've had the Dubbel and now this. Bleck.
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Eric Goulet

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Looking to make a beer trip close to home, we made a day trip to Brasserie d'Achouffe & Les Trois Fourquets. Achouffe is known for their Blonde & Brune Gnome beverages while Les 3 Fourquets makes one of +Xandra Goulet's favorites, Lupulus.

Contrary to how I normally plan trips, this trip was one that we winged and as a result we found the tavern that Achouffe owns to be closed... seems it is only open in the warmest months, so we'll be back soon. Their shop and a neighboring tavern were open though. There we were able to enjoy La Chouffe, McChouffe, and my favorite Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA. We had a red fruit/vegetable beer as well, that I think was also made by them, but I can't find the name or recall what it was.

My favorite take home from Achouffe was Chouffe Coffee (25% ABV), a liquor made of the Esprit d'Achouffe which was originally made from distilled, aged beer. We've sipped it straight, with whipped cream, and poured it on ice cream. Delicious.

Finding Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets along the way was pure chance. I saw a sign as we were nearing Achouffe and made a point to stop there on the way home. It was completely empty and stating that the town was quiet could be an understatement. Regardless of it being closed and empty, we still poked around the place and we'll have to try back another day.
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Eric Goulet

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This February, we visited De Koningshoeven Brewery within the walls of the abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands. We dined at Proeflokaal La Trappe at stayed at Logies den Heijkant.

The weather held out and the trip couldn't have been better.  

La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #15 was top-notch.. With the oak/sherry/wine notes, this would surely be a wino's selection in beer. I wish I could afford a case of this quad. It went for 15 Euro a bottle. It is officially described as:
This Quadrupel, batch no. 15, was lagered for a prolonged period of time (2 years) in barriques of Oloroso. Oloroso is a household definition in the world of wine, thanks to its specific qualities. In addition, we can recognise vanilla, almond, honey blossom and caramel. The aroma of this Oak is therefore highly complex.

It has a rich, mature and strong flavour. Still, it is soft and creamy, and this batch may well be the softest produced so far. The taste buds will be hit not just by the ‘walnut-like’ oloroso. As the wine is slightly acidic, the alcohol feels warm. The oak barriques have slightly tempered the bitterness of the Quadrupel and have maintained the influences of the oloroso. This Oak is less carbonated, but does produce enough sparkle and, in addition to that rich flavour, gives a fuller sensation.

If you are ever headed out that way, I highly recommend the family-owned and run apartments at Logies den Heijkant:
The price was right, the apartment was gorgeous, and breakfast brought to us was amazing -- see the pictures.
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Eric Goulet

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Replace it or attempt repair?

I own the original PS3 "fatty". It used for occasional games, as a Blu-Ray player, and video streamer. We don't watch cable or anything like that, so it is the primary supplier of video.
This week, it started shutting itself down immediately when a DVD is played. No YLOD, just blinking red. Overheating shouldn't be a factor considering it is kept fairly clean and it was allowed time to cool down before attempting again at another point.
I can still navigate menus, but a DVD will cause it to instantly shut down.
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Oh great...I know I sent a DVD and  other items with the birthday pkg for EVE!
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In addition to the previous Orval post (link below), these shots were taken with my +Nexus. Among them are two Photo Spheres and one Tiny Planet shot.
#photosphere   #tinyplanet  
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Eric Goulet

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Our visit to the Orval Abbey was bliss. 

We arrived to the monastery and were greeted by a rather unremarkable setting. A narrow street, a large plainly decorated restaurant and a high wall around the monastery. We could see the tops of the buildings inside, but the perspective didn't allow for much view. 

After a two hour lunch and a few beers at the cafe A l'Ange Gardien, we walked down the road and entered the small door in the wall which lead to the monastery grounds. We were both amazed by the beauty of the small courtyard - warm stone, graceful carvings and greenery. we proceeded to purchase our tickets from the gift shop, and from there were greeted by the immensity and beauty of the grounds. We perused a museum showcasing the history of the monastery, we interacted with a showroom which described the making of Orval beer, explored the ruins of the original monastery, and marveled at the architecture of the modern, 1900's art deco style buildings. 

One of the more poignant moments was being able to view the inside of the church. We sat in the balcony for quite a long while simply to enjoy the grand space before us, and to soak in the silence. 

Beer notes: The Petit Orval (Vert) on draft was definitely young/fresh. Of the first two ordered, both tasted different. Maybe a different keg? I wasn't too fond. It was missing the Orval body that we love. Xandra, on the other hand, loved it. We ended up picking up a small pack of the traditional Orval to be able to have some of the freshest bottles. Most of ours at home have some age to them.

#craftbeer   #f   #F  
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Great selection and service with multilingual cashiers. Some of the best prices around.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I have visited this restaurant a handful of times, each time enjoying something else from the menu. The pizza is great - very fresh. Other baked pasta dishes are just as good, but pizza is the focus of the menu. The pizza with the town's namesake, Kyllburg pizza, has been my favorite offering. The riverfront view is beautiful and service is great. Only once have we experienced a problem of one of the employees not knowing they had a "Baby Pizza" on the Kid's Menu. Some English is spoken and the menu has enough English to order without difficulty.
• • •
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
This cafe serves coffees, beer, wine, cakes, and ice creams. There is indoor and outdoor seating with a great view over Malberg. Service has always been fast and friendly and the cakes and ice cream is delicious. Outside of the view and friendly staff, the Belgian beer selection keeps us coming back. It is one of the few places in this region that offers such beer: Tripel Karmeliet, La Chouffe, and Leffe.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Good food and a decent selection with friendly staff that make an effort to communicate with English speakers.
Quality: Very goodAppeal: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
15 reviews
The price was a bit much for the quality of food. It seems to be billed as something more upscale - the decor and prices spoke this, but the food did not. No lights, plain food, but friendly service.
Food: Poor to fairDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Quality food with limited variety. Service is a mixed bag - sometimes mediocre and sometimes rude. The attached bakery is the opposite - always friendly.
Quality: Very goodAppeal: GoodService: Poor to fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Very good for fast food and a decent alternative to the many overpriced restaurants in the city center.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago