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Winter in Edmonton
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I'm just not feeling this one. I like the simplicity of the snow and lines, but I don't feel that either make this image compelling enough. #delete
There are a lot of elements in this picture,  I'm not sure which I should focus on.  Like +Rachel Tine I'm not getting anything compelling.  #delete2
Captures the grey season feeling well, but I'm just not a fan of the frame being split down the middle like that and there isn't enough color to hold my interest. #delete
Yes, there are a lot of elements in this picture, none of them interesting. What is the subject?  What is it about this scene that led you to snap the shutter?  #delete3  
I kinda like how the pole and the wires form a sail.  And for some reason I like how the pole divides the building into 2 separate architectural styles.  But the wires keep leading my eye to the vent things ad they are too far away for me.  

Ugo Cei
There's too much stuff going on here for a minimalist image, and the centered pole makes for a really uniteresting composition #delete5  
Get to a point of view where the buildings are gone or the pole is alone in the snow.  sorry #delete6  
Ha, ha - right.  Well, I think we might have found one edge fo the taste curve of the lightroom community.  Which is cool. 

Anyway - for the record we are now at #delete9 .  
Thanks everyone for voting and thoughtfully articulating what you didn't like. 
I'm sorry, this photo was deleted by the Light Box Group.  Feel free to try again tomorrow with another photo.
"Anybody doesnt like these pitchers dont like potry, see? Anybody dont like potry go home see Television shots of big hatted cowboys being tolerated by kind horses." With apologies to +John King who quoted Kerouac re: William Eggleston's Georgia image.
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