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Grumpy Cat is my Spirit Animal.
Grumpy Cat is my Spirit Animal.

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I'd create an "Everyday Sarcasm" Collection here on Plus, but then what would I put in my other collections?

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Dragging a bit today? Need some inspiration?

Let this random selection of quotes printed onto random images soothe and inspire you to great heights.

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The Coolest Cooler still hasn't finished fulfillment, and now the Oregon Department of Justice has gotten involved.

Or, more accurately, the case that was in Oregon's court systems has been settled.

The settlement creates two classes of backers. For residents of Oregon and people from anywhere who filed complaints with the Attorney General’s office before April 15, 2017, the state has imposed a deadline of October 13, 2017, to ship coolers and accessories.

For everyone else, the company must set aside a portion of its net income that will be used for backer rewards. The company says that there are around 20,000 remaining coolers to ship out over the next three years.

Consumerist has an interesting note in their article, too:

On the other hand, Coolest is still around. The project is the #2 most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, and the #1 and #3 spots belong to different products from smart watch company Pebble, which went broke and sold its assets to Fitbit, voiding the warranties of all products out there.

This is neither endorsement nor criticism, but the first twenty minutes of GLOW on Netflix has quite a bit more of Alison Brie's bare breasts than I had expected.

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Hikvision makes surveillance and security cameras.

Really good surveillance and security cameras.

Their website is the poster child for Corporate Boring. It's straight out of 2003.

But their catalog? It's weird.

PDF Link:

The front cover describes it as "The Art/Of Video Surveillance." I don't know why that red slash is there, but it is. And there are odd underscores on the cover, too.

It's like they want to be hip, but just can't figure out how.

And then there's the cover art. Look at those people ... dancing? I think? And it's not just the cover, either! All throughout, there are people dancing, often with security cameras in their hands.

It's like ... are these people stealing security cameras? Does that make people dance?

Or are they showing off for them? If they're showing off, then why are the cameras in their hands?

The third page of the catalog has a woman who looks like she failed at dabbing. And it just gets more inexplicable from there.

The table of contents features a woman holding a camera while two men frame her with their arms. Is this a love triangle? Is it a threesome in the making? Is she live-streaming the whole thing? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING, HERE?

I have a print copy of this catalog at my desk. It's utterly baffling.

I did a surprising amount of gaming on Saturday.

We started with The Fall of Delta Green, currently in playtesting. As a fan of both the GUMSHOE system and the Delta Green RPG, I am squarely in the crosshairs for this one - and it'd delivering.

Then I headed to Fantasium for Beer & Board Games, where I played three games:

Ethnos, a CMON game by Paolo Mori. It had a bit of a Small World element to it, but not a huge one. And, unlike Small World, I liked this one.

Coup continues to fail to impress. Its only real strength is that it's fast-playing. I would nearly always prefer Mascarade, but for the number of players.

I finished my evening with a game of Gekido: Bot Battles. It seemed to end somewhat abruptly, but it was still a bunch of fun.

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Arriving September 29th.

Based on their work on the NES Classic system, it'll be discontinued by November 1st, and they're only going to make five of them per region.

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I ... uh ... whut?

So these guys want you to pay them to examine your dog's shit.


It's not quite quarter after, but this is a good time for me to put up tonight's discussion post.

Tonight's film? Star Trek V: Something something something.

This is the first Star Trek film for which I read the novel before I saw the film, so I knew what I was in for. And I still saw it in theaters three times.

I've been dreading tonight since we started our way through the series. Because this is by far the worst of the series. And that includes all of them. TNG, the Abrams Rebootiverse. This film is bad.

And I'm going to watch it tonight. On purpose.

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Tonight, we are going to try to watch Star Trek V: I Can Never Remember The Subtitle Because I Want To Forget This Movie Altogether

Start Time will be around 8:30 PM Pacific this week, so I'll have the discussion post up around 8:15.

Hope to see you there!
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