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Eric F. James
Author of Jesse James Soul Liberty
Author of Jesse James Soul Liberty


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From the line of John James of Alvarado...
Brian Cole James, John's 2nd great-grandson, is discovering the fun of his genealogy. Shown with his parents Gordon Brian & Lynn Rose King James, Brian & his bride Sarah Elizabeth are the parents of Noah Ray & Aubrey Grace James. Brian's namesake of "Cole" comes from his grandfather Aubrey Orlando "Cole" James, who received his nickname playing Cole Younger in his childhood. Brian's great-grandfather is George Dehoney James, a son of John James of Alvarado.
We think Brian resembles Jesse about the age of his passing.
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NEW ADDITIONS identified for our Stray Leaves family. The following five siblings, born 1950-1959 in Topeka Kansas, are the 4th great-grandchildren of John M. James & Mary "Polly" Poor, through their son John R. James (marriage certificate with Amanda Williams below).
Kurt Leslie, Karen Lee, Howard Terrill "Terry", Christopher Lee, & Timothy Edwin "Tim" James are the children of Howard Chapman James (in uniform below) & Helen Lee Shoenfeld.
Kurt James & Karen James Campbell are attornies, following in the footsteps of many of the Jesse James family who serves the profession of law.
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The William Clarke Quantrill Society has been long allied with Stray Leaves and the James-Younger Gang. For a decade the Society was headed by Harold Dellinger, a pop-historian who carried as much weight and authority on history as any of us. Harold died last week. Read more on Stray Leaves.

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50 Years ago, I was privileged to step into the lead role of Michael in the ground-breaking hit play The Boys in the Band. Now, Jim Parsons assumes the mantle as the play opens in revival on Broadway, May 31, 2018.

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Why is The Telegraph newspaper in the UK and the New York Post backing down on stories they reported previously without citing the actual cause? Both papers were quick to report the fake Jesse James tintype promoted by Justin Whiting. Now they are backing off while crediting Christie's auction house with unidentified evidence of proof that the artifact is fake.

The fact is, the evidence was provided to Christie's by the Jesse James family through the family's forensic analyst Mark Bampton. The James family also charged the fake artifact with an act of identity theft for which the artifact's enablers and promoters (newspapers) might be found culpable.

Mark Bampton was perplexed by the lack of reporting by the news outlets about his forensic report which disproved the artifact. I explained the circumstances to Mark, as follows:

"The reason why the Telegraph & Post do not reference you, I, or Stray Leaves has to do with the origination of the story. As I reported in covering Whiting's fiasco on Stray Leaves, the news outlets bought the story from SWNS, whom Whiting paid to create the story. We are not part of that created story in their view. Newspapers dance with the ones who brought them to the party.

"The downside of their continued reporting of the story is their false report that Christie's withdrew the artifact from auction based on evidence of proof the papers do not identify. That's how one fake news story gets twisted into another fake news story, and the entire factual story goes unreported."

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This is the latest Fake Jesse James tintype, trudging the road of destiny towards con artistry & Jesse James identity theft. This claimed image comes from Regina, Canada. It's promoters, a husband and wife team, so far are following the con artist's template step by step.
1. They announced their discovery in a YouTube video.
2. They said they found the tintype on the internet.
3. They have compared their fake JJ image with another fake JJ image.
4. They shopped for an expert of convenience.
5. They found one in Kent Gibson, who never has failed to authenticate an image of a claimed historical figure yet, as long as Gibson can attach his name to it. His previous debunked "authentications" include another claimed JJ image that looks nothing like this one, the Billy the Kid croquet photo and an image Gibson claims is Amelia Airhart, although you can't see her face. You only can see the backside of the figure.
Today I gave an interview to a Canadian media outlet which reported on the item. Watch for updates on what was reported.

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The Jesse James family can give voice to its opposition to the constant stream of fake photos claiming to be Jesse James. Without proof or evidence, though, their protests ring as hollow as the claims. Fortunately, the family has the support of Mark Bampton, who performs the scientific forensic analysis necessary to debunk the image claims.
When a fake image appears, Mark is notified of the claim. Other than the image itself, no further information is provided to him. No background story, no correspondence, no information whatsoever that might impinge on Mark's assessment or judgment is provided. It's just Mark and the image, plus any comparison image a fraudster might claim.
Once Mark produces his assessment in writing, only then does Mark get to hear the whole story behind the image. Mark's assessment stands on its own permits. Never has Mark's assessment differed from the initial judgment of the image by the James family. Here's is the most recent example of Mark's work, as it applies to the claim made by Justin Whiting

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Most Jesse James photo con artists are unable to get any traction without the backing of some sort of authority. Since the History Channel and reality TV began producing pseudo-documentaries and programming centered upon historians, pundits, and all manner of authorities who are self-created, it's never been easier to find someone willing to make a fool of themselves as a self-appointed expert. From distant Great Britain, Justin Whiting had no difficulty in finding and employing two such "experts." Eager to secure their authority in his favor, Whiting entirely disregarded the fact that America had debunked his new-found experts on more than one occasion. Call them accomplices, surrogates, or abettors, such false authorities create less authority, reputation, or facts. What they do create both individually and together is fraud. That's what has happened to Jutin Whiting and his expert of convenience.

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The Jesse James family explains why they consider fake Jesse James photos as a form of identity theft. Not surprisingly, it appears that Justin Whiting once tried to pass off a fake Abraham Lincoln photo as an authentic Lincoln photo. Here is a breakdown of that con which now acts as a template for Whiting's fake Jesse Jame image.

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There's a new fraudster on the block, hawking another fake Jesse James tintype. This new story of identity theft originates in England. As you soon will see, this fraudster has a past. He is practiced. He also has accomplices.
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