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Hummingbird Enables Google To Use Social Signals

This is a part of Hummingbird that is simply not getting any coverage at all, even though it was discussed in the Hangout on Air I did with +Danny Sullivan.  The 5 minute HOA Nugget incorporated here extracts several key elements of the hour long HOA where Danny calls this out quite clearly.

The bottom line is that Hummingbird is a complete rewrite of the Google search engine (, and that a big part of that is to enable Google to start making use of social signals.

You can also see the full HOA recording here:

Thanks for +Scott Scowcroft for applying The Scott Treatment to create this video excerpt, and to +Ronnie Bincer for his advice on the process!
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+Eric Enge really liking what +Scott Scowcroft has done here. I've yet to watch this HOA but just being able to get brief snippets has further piqued my curiosity. Keep up the great work gentlemen!
The four minute snippet is quite informative -- I love the analogy that Google basically rebuilt the entire engine. Plan on watching the hour long broadcast later today. 
"clean social fuel technologies" I agree are very key! I use them in ORM and I believe it does help.
Excellent point on the practicality of (or, impracticality to be more accurate) of the Link-centric application to passing Page Rank, based primarily on system that is, without question, highly corruptible, and more so to Google's Motto of Real World Relevancy of SERPs and how practical, simple and pragmatic for Real World Users actively contributing to Ranking SERPs. BRAVO!
+Mark Traphagen +Joshua Berg would love your thoughts on this.   In the video +Danny Sullivan says that he was told that one of the big things that came with Hummingbird was the ability to better process social signals!
Man, I need to block out some time to watch this video!

If that's true, it's welcome news in my book. ONe of the biggest barriers to social signals becoming more important has been the ability of search engines to parse the real meaning of them, such as sentiment. Negative citations should not be handled the same as positive, etc.
And wow....very nice production of a snippet pulled from an HOA! Did you do that all in-house +Eric Enge ?
The Matt Cutts wobbly head impression at 1:18 is worth the price of admission!
Best I've ever seen from an HOA. My compliments!
+Mark Traphagen Indeed, it really does seem that Google told Danny that there was a technology barrier that prevented the application of those signals (OR, application of the signals the way they most wanted to do it).

But, with Hummingbird, that barrier has evidently been removed.  In my view, this is the amazing hidden part of Hummingbird that has not gotten the visibility it deserves.  

My next Search Engine Land article will discuss this even more.

I also loved Danny's reminder that the original launch of the +1 button was positioned by Google as a way to help Google find the best content on the web.
+Mark Traphagen All credit to +Scott Scowcroft for the great work he does.  It is awesome!  +Ronnie Bincer has been a big help in the process of trying to develop this methodology too.  We have teamed up to try and flush out this concept of a HOA nugget (The Scott Treatment).
+Eric Enge I've been meaning to watch this, but my hair's been falling out with things to do. Oh, wait! Its...   Looks very interesting & I'll try to get caught up on this tomorrow. Thanks for the timely info.
I really look forward to your thoughts on it +Joshua Berg. I am really stoked about this!
+Scott Scowcroft very nice job... is that little snippet at the very end a subliminal message, or will you suggest +Eric Enge use the YouTube Trim freature to take off 0.5 sec of the video?
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