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SEO Mythbusters

I contributed to this massive collection of "counterintuitive SEO insights" put together by +Ahrefs.

To see my entire insight, go to and use your browser search to find "eric enge."

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Moving on from Google - +Maile Ohye. She will definitely be missed!
Saying farewell to Google... thank you to everyone in the SEO and webmaster community for many wonderful moments! To +John Mueller +Mariya Moeva +Gary Illyes +Brian White +Nathan Johns +Ilya Grigorik +Kazushi Nagayama +Avinash Kaushik and all my other wonderful Google colleagues, keep it up! I'll miss u guys. xoxo

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How to Persuade Influencers to Create Content for You

This crowd obviously thinks Marklemore is da shizzle. Or something. Anyway, no doubt he's an influencer to them. Getting a major influencer in your space to author content for you can really move your audience. But how to do it? Find out in our video!

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Why is your social media strategy failing?

Find out how to fix it in our 6 minute video!

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Why do social networks monkey with our timelines?
Here's Why Videos

Nearly all major social networks now have algorithmically-controlled timelines as their fault. That means they decide what you see, and how much you see from each person or brand you follow.

Even though many of the most vocal social media users constantly protest that policy, there is no indication that the networks are going to back away from it. Why? Find out in our video!

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6 Signs of a Truly Good Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting the right agency to help with your company's marketing is a critical decision. Learn the key traits you should look for in a professional digital marketing agency.

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How Does Google Search Work?

In this in-depth article learn how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks web pages. This is essential SEO knowledge to help you do better in search!

Get your learn on at

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Does Longer Content Necessarily Mean Better Content?

Napoleon and Abe each have their theories about height and great leadership.

In a similar way, many marketers assume that longer content must be better for SEO and is always better quality content, but is that the case? In this episode of Here’s Why, Stone Temple’s Mark and Eric explain why content length isn’t really the most important consideration for content quality. You’ll also learn how to recognize and design content that your audience will love, share, and link to.

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What We've Learned from 100 Video Episodes

I just published this today, covering the lessons we've learned now that we've produced over 100 episodes of a weekly marketing video series

Come learn what we learned at

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Emotional Hooks in Content Marketing: Do they matter?

Business people don’t hang up their humanity when they go to work, and that includes when they’re reading or viewing content. In this episode of Here’s Why, find out why an emotional element is essential for content marketing success, even in a B2B marketplace.
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