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I'm fairly excited truth be told. September should be better, but this will do.

Do not upgrade your watch to WatchOS 2.2.2 yet if you want to debug on the device. It's been four days now without debug symbols available.

Where are the debugging symbols for WatchOS 2.2.2 already? It's been a couple days since the release...

Updated Mac to latest release, same for iPhone and Watch. Now in Xcode it says no symbols for paired Apple Watch for my watch extension. ???

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Platform state of the union. Don't reveal topics, just rate it. I'm waiting for the video to come online as I missed it and find it more interesting than keynote.
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WWDC sessions are 40 minutes this year. Because of walk time to other sessions, or Q&A?

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I have 2 prototype UITableViewCells. Each is populated with additional UI and I tag in each an Image View with a value of 1000. Later I adjust a single cell by doing the viewWithTag and downcast to UIImageView. I can find the image view in all cases, but when I adjust it - my change only shows up in one of the prototype cells - ignoring the second in IB. What's happening here?
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