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Eric D. Muhammad
Works at Home Retention .Org
Lives in Tempe, Arizona
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One of the ways you can become an SEO expert is to learn all about Google’s secret algorithm. Its algorithm dictates everything that happens in Google’s search result. The algorithm is the key that can unlock insane amounts of wealth, but it can also be the penalty that can ruin your online business.

It sounds like a crazy task to try to understand the algorithm, but there are ways. After years of learning, teaching, and watching SEO in action on thousands of different websites, I have developed a process for predicting Google’s algorithm changes.

And no, I don’t have all the answers. I’m not pretending to have some prophetic insight into Google’s next move, and this isn’t some scammy tell-all about the latest algorithmic loophole.

This is a practical how-to guide that equips you with knowledge that will help you make a good guess at how the algorithm is going to change over time.
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Eric D. Muhammad

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$899 Monthly (Rent To Own)
$999 Monthly (Straight Rental)

Well maintained 3 bed, 2 bath Home with fireplace on a quite street. Recent roof, floors and AC unit. 2 Car garage, nice sized backyard for entertaining, oversized storage building, close to freeway, schools, UTMB and shopping.
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Eric D. Muhammad

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$1525 Monthly (Rent To Own)
$1625 Monthly (Straight Rental)

This Single-Family Home in York, Pennsylvania has 3 beds, 2 baths, Fireplace, Full Basement. The property has a lot size of half an acre and was built in 1978. Ranch/Rambler style home.
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Why Isn't Google Using Social Signals for SEO? -Here's Why with Mark & Eric Episode 4

In the 4-minute video below, +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge of +Stone Temple Consulting explain why there is not yet any discernible direct effect of social signals on SEO in Google rankings. Here's a complete transcript:

(Resource article links are at the end of this transcript)

ERIC: Welcome to another thrilling episode of "Here's Why with Mark and Eric." I'm Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, and with me is...

MARK: Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting. 

ERIC: So Mark, why is that Google is not making more use of social signals?

MARK: Well, Eric, a lot of people assume that they do, that Google draws a lot of signal--and by signal, we should first define that we mean what factors in to Google search? 

So a lot of people assume they're all this signal out there--there's Facebook Likes and Google +1's, there are retweets on Twitter, and people sharing things all over--that' got to be a rich source of signal. Most people probably assume that Google is using that. Certainly, Google has talked about wanting to make use of that, and that that is a rich signal. 

So why don't we think they're making more use of it? Simply because Google will serve no search ranking signal before its time. They're very, very careful. They're so guarded about that algorithm that determines what ranks. It has to be accurate. It has to be dependable information. The livelihood of their company depends on it. 

So they take they're time in testing and learning, "How do we evaluate a signal?" Evaluating a social signal is not as easy as people assume. For example, I see Stone Temple Consulting come up on Facebook, and I "Like" it. Why did I like it? Did I like it because I really do like Stone Temple Consulting? Did I like it because Eric's picture is there, and he's so handsome I've just got to like it? Is it because they have a coupon, a game, a funny cat picture? It's not as easy as we think to discern [the intent of] like signals. 

Now Eric, you did some testing recently, and some very careful studies, and I think you have another reason why they're not as trusting yet of those signals as they might be.

ERIC: Yes, you're right, we've done three studies. Two of which are published, and one [on Twitter] that is coming out soon. But of the two that are published, one actually directly measured whether Google+ was affecting search rankings. We shared a bunch of links from Google+ profiles to pages that had no other links and no other visibility to Google on the web. Literally no Google Analytics code, no Google+ API code, nothing. The long and the short of it was that the test showed no real reason to believe that Google was using a shared link on a Google+ post as a ranking factor, which was pretty interesting.

And then on the Facebook study we did, we did it in a bit different way. What we did was we took 85 prominent profiles, and we checked 40 different posts spread out over a year for those profiles, to see whether or not they were getting indexed (the specific updates, I mean). They were not getting indexed as much as we thought. They were about 59% indexed.

But the reason I found this so significant was, if this was such a powerful and important signal to Google, and you have these 85 extremely prominent people, they would be indexing all of that content if they thought that was a good signal. 

And then we did another similar study recently with Twitter recently, which isn't published quite yet, but it actually shows very similar results, that the indexing is really kind of poor of those tweets.

MARK: A little spoiler alert there!

Stone Temple Consulting Study of how Facebook impacts SEO:

Stone Temple Consulting Study of how Google+ impacts SEO:


Keep up to date with Stone Temple Consulting's constant updates on what works (and what doesn't!) in digital marketing!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get updates on future Here's Why videos, as well as our two weekly Hangout shows: The Digital Marketing Answers Show and the Digital Marketing Excellence Show:

Follow Eric on Twitter:
Follow Mark on Twitter:
Follow Stone Temple Consulting on Google+:
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Last December, we introduced +Post ads to a limited number of AdWords advertisers as a way to amplify their content to new audiences. Starting today, we’re making +Post ads available to all advertisers with at least 1000 Google+ followers:

See how brands such as +Audi USA  and +Topman  are using +Post ads to drive more participation with their brand’s content across the web. 

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Eric D. Muhammad

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Google+ Toolbox
I. Google+
. Discover Google+:
. How-To Google+ Videos:
Meet the new Google+: A stream with style and smarts 
Google+: Related Hashtags
Hangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you love
Google+: How to get started <- click
Google+: About circles
Google+: Fun with Hangouts
Google+: Reading and responding
Google+: Sharing
Google+: Set Up Your Profile
Google+: Find people you know
Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you're into
Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
Google+ Photos: Great photos, in less time
Bring your conversations to life with Hangouts
Google+: Share photo albums
Google+ Photos: Editing tools to make your photos smile

. Google+ Support:
. Google+ Help 101:
. Google+ Help Tips:
. Google+ Help Community:
. Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up:
. Things you can do on G+ right now:
. Google+ in 2013:
. Google+ At Work:
. Google+ Safety Center:
. Hangouts on Air: /
HOA guides:,, , and
Complete Guide to Hangouts for Businesses and Individuals:
. G+ Platform:
. Circle +Google+  and +Google+ Help 

II. Google+ Your Brand / Business
. Discover here:
. G+ Brand/Business - 21 Case Studies:
. Google+ Partner Playbook:
. Video: Complementary Google Products - Google+
. Webinars:
Kick-Starting Social with Google+
Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience with Google+
. Circle +Google+ Your Business  

III. Google+ Teaching 
. Google Plus Posts and Photos - complete guide (updated) (more to come...)
. Google Plus Basics, Tips, Tricks and Updates:
. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog):
. Free Google+ courses, content and resources. Sign up here:

. Google Plus Tips and Tricks -GPlus Basics - Google Drive Presentations:

lV. Free Google+ Training Materials:

V. G+ Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory:

Vl. 50 Things you can Do on G+ Right Now:

Vll. Google+ For Business and Individuals:

VIII. Google+ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Sign Up For Weekly G+ Updates:

#googleplustips   #googleplus  
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+Eric D. Muhammad , thanks for the re-share.
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Eric D. Muhammad

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Awesome! I'm hosting a #blackonblackcrime solution panel next month. We'll be taking questions online. (copy & paste link, if error)
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"Researchers are starting to play around with social bots and cognitive attacks involving misinformation to see how far they can go in pulling the digital wool over Internet users’ eyes. "

"but other attempts are far more devious — like a seemingly disconnected group of people who all start talking about the same thing convincing you it’s “going viral.” In 2002, a bunch of Dartmouth scholars wrote a paper warning about the dangers of cognitive attacks in the Internet age. These attacks “change users’ behavior” by “manipulating their perception of reality.” “The Internet’s open nature makes it an ideal arena for dissemination of misinformation,” they wrote.

“Cognitive hacking is different from social engineering, where it’s just one person trying to deceive another person,” says Tim Hwang who recently organized a conference at Stanford on Cognitive Security and Artificial Intelligence. “This is spheres beyond that, trying to influence all their friends so they believe it too and often involves the use of artificial intelligence and social networks to widen the scope of what can be accomplished.”
Social media deception campaigns are growing more sophisticated.
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Eric D. Muhammad

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Today we’re launching Google Camera, a new app for your Android phone or tablet that makes it easy to take quick photos and videos. And being behind the lens just got more fun with new creative picture modes.

Sleek Design. The 100% viewfinder gets out of your way while capturing the maximum resolution of the scene (no dropped pixels). And the extra large capture button is easy to press so your eyes never lose sight of the subject.

Lens Blur. Emphasize the subject while blurring the background for an SLR-like shot with shallow depth-of-field (or bokeh). You can even change the subject in focus after taking the shot.

Improved Panorama. New higher resolution panoramas capture the full width and detail of a scene.

Photo Sphere. Immersive 360 degree photo spheres let you look up, down and all at up to 50 megapixels! For the first time available on non-Nexus devices.

Google Camera is now available on the Play store (, and works on all phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. We’re just getting started, and in the months ahead we'll make Google Camera available to more devices, helping make photography easier, faster and more fun.

Check out our Research Blog to learn more (
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Eric D. Muhammad

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New Post: 10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic

As Google+ becomes integrated across more platforms and services, a new and different skill set is needed from the old techniques used on Twitter and Facebook to optimize for traffic.

Points covered include:
1. Headlines, every time
2. Formatting for attention
3. Use your words
4. Use your images too
5. Smarter sharing > targeted
6. The mighty, mighty #hashtag
7. Find the followed links
8. Leverage Google+ comments
9. +Post Ads: the future of social engagement?
10. Interactive posts

Dumb posts don't succeed. Smart marketers leverage the multiple tools of the Google+ platform to reach visitors across different mediums and messages. #seo   #googleplus   #marketing  

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3,342 people
Eric D. Muhammad is a Believer, Father, Brother, Serial Entrepreneur, Promoter, Social Media Marketer, SEO Specialist, Phoenix SEO Consultant, *Private Real Estate Investor* & Real Estate Investor Trainer, Renewable Energy Advocate
Real Estate Investing, Internet Marketing, Entreprenuer
  • Home Retention .Org
    CEO, present
    Home Retention - Free, practical, real loan modification information, instructions & tips for homeowners & investors. FREE Do It Yourself Mortgage Loan Modification.
  • Rent With A Plan
    Operations Manager, present
    Rent To Own A Home -
  • Mortgage Relief Solutions - A viable option for the homeowner & investor - We take over houses and mortgage payments -
    CEO, present
  • Real Investor Academy - Learn how to acquire properties "Subject To" -
    CEO, present
  • Digital SEO Strategies - - Social Media Marketing & Local SEO Specialist
    Owner, present
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Eric D. Muhammad, Foremost32, Don Dada, Search Engine Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Phoenix SEO Specialist, Private Real Estate Investor & Real Estate Investor Trainer, Home Retention.Org
Eric D. Muhammad is a Believer, Father, Serial Entrepreneur, Inbound Marketer & Social Media Marketer & SEO Specialist, *Private Real Estate Investor* and Real Estate Investor Trainer, Promoter.
Women: Imagine a Man so focused on God, that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say..."That's Her."

"Yeah....I'ts me. Your Brother from another Mother. "I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky, yet Humble; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me."  ;- )

"The practice of patience protects us from losing our composure. In doing that it enables us to exercise discernment, even in the heat of difficult situations. It gives us inner space. And within that space we gain a degree of self-control, which allows us to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner rather than being driven by our anger and irritation." 

"In order to receive something you have never had; You gotta try something you have never done".

Entrepreneurship: is living a few years of your life like most people won' that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.

I'm a Private Real Estate Investor with Mortgage Relief Solutions. I help homeowners and investors who no longer can afford or don't want to continue to pay a mortgage on a home they no longer want or can no longer afford. We take over Mortgage payments and Properties...the right way.
(602) 753-7828

CEO of Home Retention.Org - Free Do It Yourself Mortgage Loan Modification Information for Home Owners.  Learn how to save your home your self. Avoid being scammed by unscrupulous "loan modification companies".  http://www.HomeRetention.Org  (602) 730-4991

Operations Manager at Rent With A Plan -
Don't Just Rent...Rent with a Plan. We turn renters into Home Owners.
602-368-5704  or 623-777-9611

I also instruct how to acquire properties "subject to" the existing mortgage. CEO of Real Investor Academy
Real Investor Academy Website

*I'm an Inbound Marketer Social Media Marketer & Phoenix SEO Specialist with Digital SEO Strategies offering complete online & inbound marketing solutions for businesses to get found on the web. We specialize in getting your business listed on the top pages of Google, Google Maps and Google+ Local pages and getting your business Found by New clients and customers online.

Digital SEO provides search engines with what they need in order to Rank Your Business appropriately in Local Search. We are Digital SEO Specialists.

We get your Business found and ranked...not just your website! 

Get your business found online today and get new customers in 2014 and beyond! Call us for a free evaluation at (480) 525-2948 

Take a look at our ---> Affordable Digital SEO Services here <----

Look at our Specialty in Google+ Local <---

The Digital SEO marketing team drives results with over 10 years of cumulative experience in the field of Internet marketing. Our SEO specialty is ranking your business for the top pages of Google, Google Maps and Google+ Local. Now, if you are ready to get serious about your competitive advantage, then you've come to the right place. 

What page is your business on? Call Digital SEO today and get your business found today!  
480-525-2948   877-381-1989

Bragging rights
Women: Imagine a Man so focused on God, that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say..."That's Her." Remember...That in your darkest hour, an hour when you think you should give up because the forces arrayed against you are so mighty; so powerful; and they look as though they have totally overwhelmed you, it is in THAT hour that your greatest opportunity for triumph is in you!"
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602-753-7828, 480-525-2948, 480-269-6337
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The FBI can secretly turn on your laptop’s camera, says ex-employee

An article published in the Washington Post has shed new light on some of the FBI's surveillance practices, including the use of software th

Black Men and Women Loving in Unity

The Black Man was made for the Black Woman!

CRVD Media

Digital Media Strategy

Real Estate And Investment Options DBA

Honest Representation is a must. Never Misrepresenting ourselves as something we are not! We expect the same courtesy from anyone we choose to do business with.

Strategic-Default---Walking-Away-From-A-Mortgage, Unemployment, negative...

Strategic-Default---Walking-Away-From-A-Mortgage, research and studies on this growing phenomenon

Crock Pot Navy Bean Soup

An easy way to cook navy beans while your at work. Ingredients: 1 lb navy beans 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion finely chopped 2 carrots fin

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Pt 6

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Save Your Home -

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Pt-5 - Do it yourself Loan Modification

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Pt 4

Do it your self loan modification part 4 - http://www.HomeRetention.Org

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Pt 3 - Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Save Your Home

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Pt 2

Do it Your Self Loan Modification -

How to write a hardship letter - Free do it yourself loan modification i...

One of the items your lender will ask for during the loan modification process is a hardship letter. Here's some tips - http://www.HomeReten

Home Retention.Org

FREE Information on Do It Your Self Mortgage Loan Modification by www.HomeRetention.Org and Mortgage Relief Program by www.MortgageReliefSol

Mortgage Relief Program: - We take over your mortgage payments &amp; hou...

Mortgage Relief Program, Mortgage Relief Solutions, We Take Over Your Mortgage Payment &amp; House...You Move On. http://www.MortgageReliefSolut


Loan Modification forms, files, links and information

Do It Your Self Loan Modification---The-Process - Parts 1 to 6

Do It Your Self Loan Modification - Learn how to do a loan modification your self. Parts 1 to 6

Google Search

Google Search app for Android: The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device.* Quickly search the web and you


Supports Android 4.0 and higher.Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple an