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Eric Crampton
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury
Economist. Head of Research with The New Zealand Initiative in Wellington. Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of Canterbury

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Canadian Milkroad Trilogy
Three great reads on the insanity of Canada's dairy supply management system: Trevor Tombe explains the consequences of supply management: According to  recent estimates from the OECD , the artificially high agricultural prices in Canada transfer $3.5 billi...

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Trumpitunity - skilled migration edition
My piece in today's Herald argues that people working in the US on an H-1B visa should have an easier time getting New Zealand work visas. There are no practical routes allowing a skilled migrant to move to New Zealand without a job offer in hand. Counting ...

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Mandatory labelling - again
Twitter suggests there's a pretty common fallacy out there that needs a bit more thorough treatment. Here's how it looks: Free markets require informed choices Therefore the government should compel companies to label their products about things that I happ...

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Hypothesis testing: open data edition
The graph looked plausible. It didn't really fit my experience, but it didn't seem implausible either. So I took a 5 minute jaunt over to Berkeley's SDA engine, which draws on US GSS data. First I ran a basic regression of happiness on age, age squared, wit...

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Data Envy
America often gives me data-envy. This is an older New York Times piece , but just look at the data visualisation that's there possible. Because every child in the country writes the same maths and reading tests, there's data on how far each school is ahead...

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In Praise of Bryce Wilkinson
Here's Sir Bob Jones in last week's NBR: How to overcome this petty uniformed busy-bodyism plague? One answer is never to put a short man in a uniform. That’s an old maxim, borne out by the oft observed fact of so many of history’s notorious dictators being...

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Not everything has to be mandatory
Back in the days of dial-up, my mother-in-law had a really cheap ISP service. She didn't pay very much, and the ISP put ads on top of everything. There was some kind of ad bar at the bottom of the browser no matter what site she was on. But the ads didn't b...

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To H-1B or not to H-1B: the skilled migrant visa question
Bottom line: it would be darned hard for a skilled worker in the US on an H-1B visa to land a New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa without a job in hand here. Immigration New Zealand screens these things using a points system. They're currently accepting Expres...

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I know you're supposed to hate the game and not the players, but the people living at Stonefield sure make it hard. Anne Gibson reports that Auckland Council's knocked back developers' plans to add three apartment blocks and 11 terrace houses at Stonefields...

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Publication bias and the file drawer
Economists have known about file drawer problems for rather a while; DeLong and Lang was on the syllabus when I was in grad school in the late '90s.  My Canterbury colleague Andrea Menclova's wished to do something about it. If papers with insignificant res...
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