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Eric Christopher
Herding software and cats.
Herding software and cats.

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GCat Rescue Cat Adoption Fair tomorrow!
Friday, April 1st | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
@Tech Corners (external guests welcome with Google host)         #gcat  

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+Alice C I found something for you...

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Sadly, our sweet lion is losing the battle. If local members of his fan club wish to say goodbye, I would visit soon.
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An assortment of life pictures from the last few weeks. Kitties, love, work, home. 
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We're thinking of you, Paris. No fees on calls to France, via Hangouts. #ParisAttacks

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Last week at BayLearn, I announced the Google Brain Residency Program, a one year program for people with computer science background who are interested in Deep Learning to join us at Google, study machine learning and conduct research with our team.

Details, timeline and application process:

You'll get to work with people like:
+Geoffrey Hinton (Scholar:
+Samy Bengio (Scholar:
+Ilya Sutskever (Scholar:
+Quoc Le (Scholar:
+Greg Corrado (Scholar:
+Oriol Vinyals (Scholar:
me (
... and many others ...

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+Sarah Sharp is amazing. I wish she worked on my project.
Reposting my response to this comment:

Willy, I think you’ve hit upon the exact spot where I and most of the senior Linux kernel developers disagree. I believe you can be technically brutal without being personally brutal and still get your message through. In fact, most times, your explanation of the issues will be clearer, because you’ll focus on expressing what they did wrong, rather than your own emotions.

As for your comments about the emotional mapping of Europeans to what they say, we will have to respectfully disagree. If you saying “I wish someone would kill you” is equivalent to feeling disappointment over someone’s skills as a maintainer, that mapping is just broken.

What do you say when you’re past disappointment into anger at a larger broken system? Well, in Linus’ case, it seems that he slips into homophobic slurs. That means he thinks that being gay is worse than being dead. What kind of message does that send LGBTQ developers who want to get involved with your kernel community? (I almost said “our community” there but it’s no longer my community.)

The most frustrating thing for me is that as a woman, I don’t get to participate in the same skewed emotional spectrum without harming myself professionally. I have had other kernel developers imply that I’m being “too emotional” and that I should “calm down” when I raise my voice even in the slightest. Women are socially trained to care about the community around them and other people’s feelings, and they get called nasty sexist slurs when they don’t have empathy.

From reading articles and talking to other minorities, they also feel the awful double standard here. Black men and women get labeled as violent or deviant when they speak in anger. Or get shot by police if they attempt to assert their rights. If they express anger at a system that oppresses them, they get told to pay attention to white men’s feelings. They can’t win.

When you say Europeans have a habit of exaggerating their emotions, to the point of tearing down other people, what minorities hear is “I have the privilege to not be able to care about other people’s emotions."

I would highly recommend checking out Scalzi’s post on privilege, “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is”. It explains privilege with as gaming metaphor that I think most people can connect to.

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Ask Axel. We've added this new page feature to Axel's adoption profile. With the help of his care team, Axel's pawing at the chance to answer your questions about FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and other feline special needs adoption conditions, so go ahead on and converse with the coolest of cats. #askaxel  

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Important talk to go to if you can. Amazing results. 

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Just wow. What the heck?
The craziest 9 minutes of soccer since the Germany vs Brazil match, summarized in 70 seconds: man comes off the bench, scores. Scores. Scores. Scores. And scores once more in a spectacular fashion. Can't remember ever seeing that, let alone in a Bundesliga match pitting #1 vs #3.
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