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Eric Butterfield
Husband. Father. Web Developer.
Husband. Father. Web Developer.

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Hey i just imagined this concept last night. what do you think?
Just a click in JQuery and many CSS3
Test :

#css3   #jquery   #uidesign   #webdesign  
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I'm trying to delete a circle but I get the error: Error deleting circle. So i went and deleted everyone by hand. There was one profile ( that I get this error for when trying to delete: Error removing members from circle. No matter what I do I can't delete that profile or the circle.

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So I am kind of addicted to making pixel art now... I'm going to start using these in my HTML5 Canvas games!
Pixel Art
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+Justin Wagner this is definitely for you
This is the Evolution of  your Workspace! :)

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Time for me to learn node.js
Dev Alert

Javascript is a game changer, but it's NOT making all other languages irrelevant. Battlefield 12 will not be written in Javascript.

Yes, we can now write full web apps in Javascript using Node.js and that's pretty cool, but just because it exists doesn't mean that it's going to end up being the sole player in the market.

Javascript is an interesting language. You can do a lot of cool stuff with it, but it's kind of a weird schizophrenic language too.

If Javascript does become the de facto language of everything, I'll be kind of sad. I don't hate it at all, but variety is the spice of life and sometimes other languages express certain ideas in a better,  more elegant way.

Ultimately, though, I do think that Javascript is one of those languages that all modern software engineers must master. Not just be able to write code in it, but really understand it on a pretty deep level.

Javascript, the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford is your book if you don't have a copy.

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The web is always changing and if teachers of web design and development aren't adapting their students are going to suffer.  

What do you think the best way to learn JavaScript is? I've tried codecademy and it has been fun but nothing has really stuck with me too much. I was thinking I just need to start working on some projects. Does anyone know of some good resources/exercises to get started?

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If you ask the general populous on campus how they feel about I-Learn most of them will probably say something like... it stinks, its frustrating, I hate the discussion boards, I hate it, etc.. I've been trying to find alternative solutions and I think that going back to Blackboard is the best bet. It is new and improved, has more features, is more usable, and looks a whole lot better. If the BYU-I is serious about online learning they should try different options because the current I-learn just isn't working the way it should.
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