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Well then! I've been stabbed to death, rolled into a blanket, dragged out by EMTs and covered in a mixture of Kero syrup and ketchup. What have you done with your night?
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You picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue, eh?
I ate bean cakes for dinner and did not get murdered in a play. :)
Dinner via bar happy hour. Good mojito. (I'll take "what is the most boring" for $20, Alex")
In a play. Right. Right. That's where it happened, right.
Were you playing Perry Mason, perchance, Eric?
Dude, protocol violation! If you've got a) obvious death, and b) obvious foul play, you don't disturb anything. What kind of EMTs you got up that way, Eric?
"played with the dog" just doesn't hold a candle.
+Gary Tyrrell Hey, they pulled on their nitrile gloves before handling my kero-stained corpse. That has to count for something.

At the end of the play, the murderer convinces everyone else to claim it was an accident. Apparently, I accidentally drove a steak knife horizontally into my solar plexus. After that, the EMT gaffe seems minor.
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