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Screenshots from Pay with Square for Android.
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Nice work! It looks very Androidish but still stylish Square design language. Too bad I cant try it myself due to country limits.
Beautifully done! This is very good UI work with respecting the new Android Design Guidelines - i wish i could work at square doing that kind of stuff! :)
Three nit-picks. Firstly, no landscape support (this one's more than just a nit-pick, it's an issue). I'd like to see the borders removed on the details page, it feels out of place (especially how the Auto-Open Tab is separated like that. It feels like something from iOS). Just a 2dp dividing line between the header and the list items would probably work better (and maybe one more between Auto-Open Tab item and the others, but it's not really necessary). Lastly, the thumbnails on the Directory's list view should take up the full list item (see and don't need any padding.

Other than that it's gorgeous. I'm really impressed by the incredibly smooth transitions (and I'm not just talking about animations). It definitely respects and takes advantage of the platform.
I have been saying "Put it on Eric Burke" all day, and nobody seems to want to do it.
I wonder if there is a way to control the downscaling of the place icons. They get very over sharpened in the list view. Probably doesn't matter at the PPI of a phone screen though.
One minor nitpick would be that the map markers and info bubbles look a little too iOSish.

Is there any way we can get an APK to play with it, even if it doesn't work completely as its supposed to?

Also, how does the top "drop down" degrade on 2.2 and 2.3? EDIT scratch that, I realised ActionBarSherlock allows 2.3 to handle it the same was as 4.0
Very nice work, Eric. Though I do have one comment: Putting the bottom options in the brown box on the first screen feels very iPhonish. Better make them straight list elements and highlight the box at the top for emphasis.
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