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Eric Boyd
I primarily use G+ for discussing and playing old-school RPGs online.
I primarily use G+ for discussing and playing old-school RPGs online.

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+Jarrett Crader a beer question, if you don't mind: there's two IPAs I used to like, Bridgeport IPA and Elysian's Space Dust. They both lost their unique flavor notes (a lovely floral note in the former case, and a spot-on ruby-red grapefruit in the latter) - now they're just bitter. How does this happen? Is it a case of "hops are a crop, not a product?"

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+Luke Wroblewski +Yonatan Zunger +Chris Poole +Chris Poole Please address this. We need to hear your feedback.
+Stacy Dellorfano is no longer on +Google+ because +Google has done everything they can to ruin this place.

That makes me very sad.

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This is a genuinely excellent ruleset; its elegantly simple rules for encumbrance and random events synergize well and are worth looking at.
Two of the first games I got into on G+ were run by +Brendan S and +Gus L, and those games, and their idiosyncratic rules have had a big impact on how I run my own games both over the Net and in person.

Here, you will find Gus' Apollyon rules and I encourage you to read them and play them and talk to Gus about them.

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Same initial caveat as James here: the 70s sexploitation theme isn't one I like for gaming. But if this isn't back up by April 4th, I'll have to boycott OneBookShelf. is still for sale, but Raggi's at least a medium fish in this small pond. +Venger Satanis deserves better than this. 
Let me begin by saying +Venger Satanis writes gaming books that aren't my style. They're not products I have an interest in and not something I'd generally purchase. But this isn't about him. This is about freedom of speech. One of his products was reported today as offensive and (presumably) temporarily removed for sale from +DriveThruRPG and RPGNow's digital store front. This is a product that is already behind a mature filter and has been available for quite some time for purchase - but the staff at OBS have seen fit to take the time to remove it for review. 

The author already filtered his own work and acknowledged its provocative nature by putting it behind their mature filter - but they saw fit to remove the product for review anyway. This smacks of censorship in the name of larger influence and attempts to wash one's hands of what they deem "innapproriate" content. While yes, they have that right per their terms of service, that doesn't make what they do just.

How long before they come for other publishers who produce products that could be deemed offense? I immediately thought of +Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Again, not a product that appeals to me personally, but still an absolutely 100% valid product line that many enjoy. It begins here, but where does it stop?

Is a World War II themed game going to be flagged because of a frank discussion of the Holocaust? How about a Wild West RPG because it address the horrors of slavery? It begins here, but this kind of activity has a way of snowballing into totalitarianism.

_"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist."_

I announce today that I have ended my exclusivity with OneBookShelf and its affiliates. Because of the requirements of this termination of exclusivity, I will be joining Tabletop Library, where the Barrel Rider Games library of products will be available starting in August.

It saddens me to see OneBookShelf take this course of action, as I have always had a positive relationship with them and both OBS and Barrel Rider Games have been able to act in a manner that was mutually respectful. But if this is how they treat a single publisher who has already followed all their policies and requirements, I fear it is only a matter of time before they turn their attention to any whose work is even remotely deemed potentially offensive.

"Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

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I am astounded that no one from the G+ team has reached out to +Stacy Dellorfano on this. I can't imagine anything more profoundly tone-deaf. 

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No, you don't get a half point in Law from obsessively watching Law and Order.

Crowdfunding question: why do people do PDF at price $X, but charge more for a link to a print-at-cost-and-on-demand version? It takes maybe five minutes to go from a good PDF to a Lulu order. 

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+Matthew Adams +Kyle Maxwell G+ put these two posts together for a reason. 

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I try not to be snide and say Mathfinder, edition warring is for jerks. But this is both an awesome piece of work (Keith has been plugging away at his unified universal Pathfinder feat documentation for at least a year or two, this is just a bit of output) and an example of why PF is too complex and system-mastery focused for my tastes.
Glutton for Punishment

The full Improved Unarmed Strike diagram, scaled to remove node overlaps (edges still cross nodes, bugger). Thumbnail is at 10% and totally illegible.

Full-resolution (17500x16900, about) PNG, 14MB, at

SVG (1MB) at

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Ruminations on a theme, inspired by these posts:

+Anthony Picaro has suggested that "normal" humans should max out at 3HD/ level 3 - you have to become a vampire or join a mystery cult or bind spirits to yourself. "Must select an alignment to progress" would be interesting too. 
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