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Checking out reviews for a fan, needless to say, this had me laughing. I own the fan and everything listed below is true. Batman happened. 
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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
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Have a very purple holidays and beat Arkansas!
Happy Holidays from your ‪#‎KState‬ family! Have an awesome and safe winter break!
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Namaste 😑
Henry Ford was convinced he had lived before, most recently as a soldier killed at the battle of Gettysburg. A quote from the San Francisco Examiner from August 26, 1928 described Ford's beliefs:  "I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was 26. ...Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next. When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan. I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more." 

For 400 cases of reincarnation with solid evidence, see the very long post at
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It is best to treat others the honest Gentle Forgiving Healing Nurturing Nonviolent Sweet way we want to be treated in future physical lives and afterlife periods between lives - because every thought, feeling and word we express this life is recorded and increases or decreases our positive karma.  The soul is genderless, religionless and raceless, so it is best to treat all people with loving kindness.  ♥ Some slightly hateful people may become the nationality, religion, gender, profession they hate the most next lifetime - if the hate is too karmic. :)  

For more on the Golden Rule, as applied to soul evolution, see the cases of reincarnation below in the free videos, e-books, articles with real evidence:  

1. the James Leininger case has so many details, it is one of the most famous and well known: reincarnation of a former air pilot James who died in Japan during World War II  ► 5 min, 14 min & 3 min

2. - 3 min video on reincarnation of Shanti Devi. ♥

This was studied by hundreds of scientists and believed by Mahatma Gandhi who appointed a special commission to investigate its veracity. You can also read a long article about Shanti Devi at ► Other cases are at ►

3. - 3 min Discovery Channel video about twins coming back in the same family. 

4. - 7 min BBC clip on reincarnation memory of a child Edward Austrian who had his throat tumor disappear after he remembered his past life shooting in the throat.  Edward had a phobia of dark, drizzly, damp weather and often became ill with throat problems. What made the latter strange is how Edward identified with his throat illness, calling it his “shot”. By the time he was 4 years old, Edward developed a cyst in his throat and was taken in for tonsillitis surgery to prepare for further treatment of the cyst. After his surgery, the boy confided to his mother Patricia (who didn't believe in reincarnation initially) with a recollection of his previous life as James, an 18 year old soldier, and his life in the trenches during a war. Edward also told his mother how he was killed; he was shot in the throat. After his recollection of his past life to his mother, Edward’s cyst disappeared, something that his doctor was never able to explain.  These healings are often spontaneous after past life recalls.

5. - 46 min video with Carol Bowman presenting research on how past life recall leads to physical healings. ♥:)☻

6. - 6 min Discovery Channel video on a rebirth case from Sri Lanka.

7. - 7 min UK Living video on Jenny Cockell reincarnation case.

The clip shows how a lady died and reincarnated and was able to reunite her former separated children. In the clip you can see how her Catholic former son says he now believes in reincarnation (as do all her kids).  For more details about her reincarnation books, see

8. - 35 min video on reincarnation of Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank. 
Anne Frank ►

9. - 5 min video on a boy's reincarnation as a girl Nicola. Nicola recalled at 2 her former past life house. Mom checked records and found they matched the story.

10. - 7 min clip on Mike death and rebirth in the same family. The baby told his mom he is Michael, the nephew who died 4 years before and gave more details.

11. - 8 min video of reincarnated Mandy Seabrook. At the age of 2, Mandy told her mom that she is the reincarnation of her older sister Mandy (same name) who died before. Mandy had unexplainable knowledge of her dead sister's life. At two years old she instantly recognized the grave where her older sister was buried (herself in that other life), even though she never traveled to that area of the country. She attended the funeral as a spirit and recalled her watching the funeral as a spirit, providing details.

12. - 9 min video of super-skeptical policeman who verified 28 facts recorded during his past life regression.

13. - 9 min video about Roman Emperors removing reincarnation from the New Testament for their own political goals, as other dictators changed history books too. There are many Gnostic and other Gospels where Jesus teaches reincarnation and says he is one of many more aware souls, basically making Christianity almost identical to Buddhism, Hinduism and all native religions believing in reincarnation and the plurality of paths. This is a reason why 25% of Americans/Europeans believe in reincarnation. Some claim different emperors/kings/scribes removed reincarnation from the first 5 books of Old Testament (the Jewish Torah) too and added some 'not so nice' paragraphs.
14. - 53 min video on Jesus in India & Buddhist places by the Indian Government. ♥

15. - 49 min BBC video on Issa or Jesus, the Israeli teacher of reincarnation who went to India. It's not just a quarter of American Christians who believe in reincarnation. Millions of Muslims ( & Jews ( believe in rebirth too.  Madonna & many celebrities believe in rebirth. So did Henry Ford, Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin.

16. - 21 min video by Professor Tucker on Ian Stevenson's past life research. Professor Ian Stevenson studied 2500 rebirth cases and wrote 14 books on reincarnation You can read the full book on reincarnation by Stevenson (he died) at   His second most popular book can be read for free at  Geddes MacGregor, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at  USC wrote a book on rebirth too ►  Other reincarnation researchers are Satwant Pasricha, Godwin Samararatne, Antonia Mills, and Erlendur Haraldsson.  

17. - another video with more data on reincarnation from Professor Tucker.  It mentions cases of birth marks in new life indicating previous life events, etc. 

18. is a 27 min first part of a documentary about the past lives of 4 Australian women (they recall lives in Europe in places they never visited this lifetime in a detail that blows the minds of all skeptics).  The other 3 parts are 2. (21 min), 3. (20 min), 4: (40 min).  All 4 parts can be watched into one big video of 103 minutes at  One of the cases was super-strong, with too many details provided that nobody in the world could have known and are not in any online source or book.  2 other 1 hour famous past life documentaries are from National Geographic ►  BBC ►

19. is a 2 min video about a 3 year old reincarnated boy who identified past life killer causing the charging of the killer.  Newspapers covered this rebirth case too For more info, see  Some skeptics argued that the families in the Druze community brainwash the kids to invent past lives, since they got thousands of cases.  But the science papers at and indicate that parents often try to repress these kid memories or don't believe in reincarnation and actively fight the kid's recall of a past life, discouraging it.  Therefore, it cannot be the parents who "coax the kid to make up a story". They are genuine past life recalls. 

20.  Fernando case has a lot of evidence, he is using old names and same curse words as in a former life and

21.  Little boy recalls past life killer and wife and

22.  several mind blowing cases from Tibet, India, Canada, Sri Lanka in this amazing 40 min BBC documentary  

23.  Gus Taylor is reincarnation of his grandpa in this 5 min video  This is a stronger case, as the family did not believe in reincarnation, being a Southern baptist family.

24.  the reincarnation of Hanah Monsour who predicted her future reincarnation and was born 10 days after dying, meaning her soul was probably visiting the new womb now and then before total entrance. She also looks very similar. video at  

25.  A Male Reincarnates as a Woman, Retains Male Traits & Becomes a Lesbian

26.  Yale graduate, MD and skeptic became believer in reincarnation after a patient of his told him in her 5th regression unbelievable details about his father and son that she could not have possibly known in this 6 min clip with Oprah Winfrey  

27.  At 2 years old, Luke Ruehlman, a white boy, named everything Pam and later told his parents that he died in 1993 in a fire and he was a black woman and went to heaven and was sent back to Earth and, 5 min clip reminds all that the soul has no gender or race. :)

28.  Carl Edon reincarnation case

29.   5 year old Ryan Hammons remembered his past life as Marty Martyn, providing 55 exact details he could not have possibly known or find online according to an NBC News March 2015 article  ►

30.  3 year old Purnima Ekanayaka recalled her past life as Jinadasa Perera (a guy killed while riding a bike), providing about 20 exact details she could not have possibly known - having birthmarks matching the injuries of her former self who died 2 years prior to her birth

31.  a good list with about 50 other cases covered in several PDFs ►

32.  Kumkum Verma recalls her past life 25 miles away in a lower class and all details provided matched the former lady personality when parents went to the former family to verify.  Kumkum spoke this life with the past family accent and used the manners of the past life class, further confirming the strength of her recall.  Super-strong recalls, birthmarks matching death wounds and habit/accent retention happen in cases like this, where violent or untimely death happens and reincarnation is very fast ►

33. Patrick had the same birth marks as the 3 lesions of the half-brother who died 12 years before and provided details about the half-brother that were true and he could not have known

34.  has several free e-books, without copyright, with over 100 reincarnation cases.  The website and e-book author helped University of Virginia to investigate many cases in India.  The 2 English books on reincarnation are at and at

35.  John is reborn as his grandson, after 5 years in heaven, and has birthmarks matching death injuries, same habits, plans to take care of animals in his new life as William, as John predicted he would in his next life. ►

36.  5 min clip about Stefan Horowitz who was shot during the Holocaust and whose life was recalled by Bruce Whittier (a Christian who didn't believe in reincarnation).  Bruce got via dreams information on how to find a clock he had in that past life.

37.  8 min clip about the past life of Jeffrey Keene who has several marks on his body matching the wounds of Civil War General John B. Gordon, looks like him (this is not very common, quite often we change gender and even race from one life to the next) and had experienced many events in his life that point to his reincarnation 

38.  Rosario Weisz reincarnates as Henrietta Roos-Weisz, has the same talents in painting and French, same personality and her past life friend Francisco Goya becomes her spirit guide who helps her produce her best paintings ►

39.  Muslim Turkish boy recalls exact details of his Christian Armenian life in Istanbul, 500 miles away - details confirmed

40.  Bruce Kelly recalls under hypnosis his exact past life name James Edward Johnston, birth date, jobs, habits and drowning in the U.S.S. Shark submarine as a World War II sailor - clip also has the filmed encounter visit of his former house - with his visual recognition of surroundings ►

41.  2 min Xenoglossy video explains how during past life regression a Chinese lady who didn't know English started to talk in perfect English.  Similar past life hypnosis cases exist with people speaking in a language they don't know.  A physician had his 3 year old twin boys start talking in a strange language and he went to Columbia University and found out it was Aramaic ►

42.  Tibetan test to see which kid is the reincarnation of a given monk  ►

43.  Sharon recalls her life as John, a seaman killed in the Pearl harbor attack, providing lots of names and details she could not have possibly known - some not even in the archives ►

44.  Lisa Bach remembers many details about her past life as the Princess Elizabeth of Hungary, a "saint" of the Catholic church.  On site she recalls a staggering amount of details no living human being can know.  It's among the strongest recalls of details of centuries ago while on site. ►

45.  Georgia Rudolph 1914 past life recall has many details confirmed and she recognized her former house as she drove by.  For 30 years she kept dreaming of her past life self, she drew as a child a lot of past . ►

46.  4 min clip from a documentary about indigo kids about a Lady who reincarnates as her own granddaughter and recalls many details of the funeral.  It is quite common for people to become their own grandchild via reincarnation. ►

47.  past lives of Twins article in the Lancet, one of the most known medical journals ►

48.  Pythagoras was more famous for reincarnation and spiritual teachings than for math in ancient times.  He was a vegetarian who taught the immortality of the soul and that it's possible to bilocate via soul travel. Plato and others wrote about reincarnation cases a little too ►

49.  Mira Kelley explains how the chain of her past life as a slave has caused a problem this life in her jaw and how her past life recall caused an instant healing next morning, helping her to avoid the surgery the doctor proposed. 

50.  two kids recall their past lives as Buddhist monks, have same habits, monk like personalities, with many details confirmed ►  
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