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Got home and took the dog out. She sat down in the sun in the grass next to the patio, so I sat down on the corner of the patio. She laid down in the grass, so I laid down on the patio. A half an hour later I woke up. It's good to see the sun again.

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Fired up the grill for the first time this season. Filet, pineapple, and asparagus. Toss in a Pennywise Pinot Noir and I'm really glad spring is here.

Brooke: "Your daddy never does any of the shopping. None. Nada. Squat."
Ryan: "He's too busy earning the money you spend."

He's lucky to be alive right now.

Apple makes some really great design decisions on their computers. But for years now the keys on the keyboard have made contact with the glass when the laptop lids are closed. I'm noticing it now on my 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina. Hey Apple, just add a 16th of an inch somewhere so I don't constantly have to clean the keys and the glass.

Hey Xcode: Thanks for the older version of Git, installed in just the right way to make it take precedence over the version I actually want.

Just had gelato and coffee at Paciugo in Leawood. The coconut is un-freaking believable. Will eat again.

Gmail has a "send and archive" button that you can enable in the settings. I don't know when that showed up, but it's all kinds of awesome.

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Ryan had his second swim meet this morning. Placed 8th in both the 25 yard breast (of 26) and the 25 yard back (of 35), which are his two favorite strokes. He got a 14th in the 25 fly (of 27) and 16th in the 25 free (of 35).
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