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Eric Bidelman
Digital Jedi @ Google
Digital Jedi @ Google


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What effect does HTTP2 push have on a web app w/ HTML Imports?

A: ~60% reduced load time + no need for file concat!

> originally published on +Eric Bidelman's twitter 

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"Polymer & Web Components change everything you know about web development"

- video: Google I/O 2014 - Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development
- slides:
- github:

My Google I/O 2014 session on +Polymer and +Web Components.

#io14 #webcomponents   #polymer  

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Polymer: Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML
#iobytes   #io14   #polymer   #developers  

Google has 1 million APIs and services. Every API is different! +Eric Bidelman shows you how you can interact with Google services without writing code!

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All About Polymer at +SFHTML5 -- Entire Video, Uncut

If you care about building blocks for the web, you'll want to bookmark this one, and watch tonight, this weekend... or heck... stop what you're doing and watch it all the way through now. Carpe Diem. +Peter Lubbers acts as host with +Eric Bidelman +Rob Dodson and more.

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Documentation for a  set of web components...

Do you expect to see a demo link for each component in the documentation itself. Yes/no?


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Join the fun!
Less than 3 days until the #polymer  mega event. Signups close at 11 am PST tomorrow. You can still get on the waitlist:

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Polymer 0.2.3

Fast data-binding, new pointer-gestures lib, a guide to creating resuable elements with our seed project: Includes built-in element documentation, demo page, and folder structure.

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It. Will. Be. Epic.
All about Polymer at SFHTML5
Our tectonic #polymer  event is less than 2 weeks away! The event will be recorded and streamed live on YouTube. We have an amazing speaker lineup: +Eric Bidelman (Google) +Rob Dodson (Google) +Matthew McNulty (Google) +Zeno Rocha (LifeRay) +Jan Miksovsky (Component KItchen) +Eugene Oksman  (Salesforce) Akhilesh Gupta (Salesforce), and Daniel Buchner (Mozilla). 
Note: There is a good chance that many people on the waitlist will get in, so sign up.

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I implemented 90% of the <select> element using +Polymer and web components.  It's amazing how much of the existing web platform we can now explain using these new technologies!

This is great example of +Dimitri Glazkov's "HTML as Custom Elements". Check it out:
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