The growth of a track plan from idea to running trains. The design was developed using the trackplanning software 3rd PlanIt. This is a room-sized layout in H0 (1/87) scale. Minimum requirements were:
1. Curve radius minimum 32"
2. No. 8 turnouts on main line, min. #6 in yards and sidings
3. Staging tracks to hold at least 8' trains
4. Staging for at least 3 focal points
5. Follow the historic route from Shelby, MT to Whitefish, MT

The above mentioned requirements lead to a double-deck layout around the walls with staging peninsulas for Havre and Whitefish stacked on top of each other, and Great Falls staging being invisible underneath Havre.

Maximum grade is 3% for helper districts, otherwise 2%.
The layout is set in 1929 (steam era) and requires roundhouses and engine facilities in each station.
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