Adobe Premier Pro CC (2015) is frustrating me :-(. Why?
Because it stops working right from startup. The error message that pops up is

"Adobe Premiere Pro can find any capable video play modules. Please update your display drivers and start again."

In case anybody from +Adobe  is listening in: Yes, I followed the instructions on Adobe's website, and Yes, I have the latest video driver installed. I also started the Creative Cloud Desktop app, as well as the freshly installed Premier Pro version, as Administrator.

Guess what? I'm getting the same error message over and over again. It pops up as soon as Premiere Pro wants to load the Quicktime Import module. So I even installed Quicktime ==> to no avail.

Now I'm running out of options. Can anybody who has/had the same problem please jump in and help me out? I am a Adobe Cloud subscriber and need Premier to work for some pretty important projects.

My system:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit PC (12GB RAM) with NVidia GeForce GT630 (2GB RAM).

Thanks in advance,
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