I guess, I'm already too much of a Floridian after living there for the last 3 years :-). Just needed some water and the port of Hamburg is the closest I can get to to smell at least some brackish water...

So, it dawned on me that I always left out one spot and that is the area around the former pier 50 to 53 which handled mostly general carge delivered by vessel, truck, and rail. Nowadays, this area is dedicated to the "Hafenbahn-Museum"; a museum that depicts the port's railway system and the labor in the port, especially related to former times (like to 40's and 50's).

Yes, I had my camera with me and happily snapped away until the battery was empty. Bummer, I forgot to take the charger with me from Florida. Will have to go to a camera shop tomorrow and have them charge my battery...

Anyway, here are some pics I shot today. A few were also uploaded to my Crated account (http://crated.com/ebaltrusch).
Port of Hamburg, Germany-06/09/2014
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