A friend is close to loosing his house. Can you help out? I already did and if I could spare more than 100 bucks, I would gladly give it to him.  Please spare this guy the shame of loosing his family shelter.
Going out today, to take pics and hopefully take that one pic that will finally sell

Meanwhile, please, if you have donated? Share this please and ask others to - if you haven't, can you? Even 20? Say what you will about asking for money, cause I hope to never do it again - I panhandled as a teen - once, to see what it was like, I hated it - got free coffee, and HUGE GUILT

I don't like this, but - I am not asking for me, if it were only me, I could live on the shore of the river - it is a family - and I am responsible, and I not only can't work, if I did, the only income I have would disappear.

So - I can only do, what I do - and I do it daily - and I bug you daily - I hate it, you might hate it - so HELP ME? Then it can be over with? Done, past, and I can go back to being that slightly annoying but loving guy huh? 
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