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With synonyms becoming more important, I've been using them as a part of my strategy for on page and off page SEO. I use related keywords also. At the moment, the tools that I use for synonyms are just the online Thesaurus and a desktop application called Wordweb. Are there any other tools that you use for finding synonyms for words and keyword phrases?
Շɧαɳx so much in advance ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉
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I've written god-only-knows how much, using nothing but the many and varied joys pleasures felicities jubilances merriments revelries wonders beatitudes raptures exaltations of thesaurus.com and a dog-eared copy of Roget's...  ;-)
AdWords keyword tool? <edit> for the keyword related synonyms </edit>
How about an advanced Google search for [new york ~hotels -hotels].

~hotels tells Google you want synonyms of 'hotels'.

-hotels removes the 'hotels' results
+Sasch Mayer  you certainly are resourceful with your words :D
+Sergey Andrianov oh yeah I had forgotten about that..
+Jeremy Rivera  thanks..
I just remembered another tool that I have on my HD called Wordflood that quickly gives me synonyms for an entire text
MS Word! Also you can use sets in Google Spreadsheets. Enter a couple of related words, select the cells and drag down (not exactly synonyms but fairly related ideas).
Yeah I use the related searches at the end of the search too.. but then I use my common sense to analyze which words to throw in there.
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