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ERBrains IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Enterprise Application Development..!!
Enterprise Application Development..!!

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and xRM solutions for your specific industry business needs
We help your international and multisite organization benefit from the broad business functionality of a standard Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solution adapted to the specific needs of your business, industry and niche.

ERP, CRM and xRM solutions fit for a range of industries
With 70+ industry solutions, you can find Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions that meet the needs of industries such as:
• Agriculture, forestry & fishing
• Broadcasting, Entertainment & Publishing
• Communication
• Construction
• Energy & mining
• Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
• Manufacturing (Discrete)
• Manufacturing (Process)
• NGO & Public Administration
• Services
• Transportation
• Wholesale

Ask an expert for more information or if you would like assistance in selecting the best fit industry solution for your international and multisite business : 080 41524930:
ERBrains IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education from ERBrains designed and developed to Improve student outcomes, control education costs, and optimize alumni outreach.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you optimize admissions and enrollment, business and alumni relations, recruiting and staffing, facilities and asset management, student and staff performance, and more. Available as an on-premise or in-the-cloud solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the elasticity of implementation choice to evolve the mission effectiveness of educational organizations of all sizes—now and into the future.

Education institutions
Do more with your Dynamics CRM!!
Track recruiting and admissions
Streamline evaluations
Enrich the student experience
Improve customer service
• Generate detailed reports for more timely and informed decisions
• Facilitate direct and traceable communication with parents
• Access student and visitor case records and profiles quickly and easily

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ERBrains is now a Microsoft Volume Licensing Partner..!!

Microsoft® Volume Licensing offers customized programs that can help your organization purchase software licenses tailored to its needs. You have the option of customizing your software purchases based on your organization type, size and purchasing preferences.
Microsoft Volume Licensing programs provide flexible and affordable solutions that help you manage your licenses with ease. Whether you have five or thousands of desktop PCs, Microsoft Volume Licensing has a program for you.

To acquire the latest Microsoft technology at a significant cost savings over full packaged product through Microsoft Volume Licensing, contact us now.

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ERBrains and TCS Partner for Consulting Services..!!

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MS Dynamics CRM Solution
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web-based application that offers businesses of all sizes the tools they need to successfully and efficiently manage customers and prospective customers. Because of its cloud based structure, MS Dynamics CRM empowers users by providing real-time access to customer information and data on numerous platforms and applications. Additionally, as more and more businesses are employing numerous cloud applications and services to manage the enterprise, MS Dynamics CRM enables easy integration with third party ERP, HR, finance and marketing applications such as Salesforce, Taleo, Marketo, and more. Simplified connectivity to such applications and services empower businesses to more effectively and efficiently run businesses processes, allowing them to deliver more.

ERBrains streamlines integration for those migrating from an on-premises solution such as Siebel CRM to MS Dynamics CRM. The ERBrains provides businesses with robust integration solutions to keep the enterprise connected whether they plan to co-exist or completely migrate from Siebel to MS Dynamics CRM.
Your Reliable partner for Microsoft Dynamics Services..!!
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