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New Three Suggestions: Things That Went Wrong While You Were Away.
With new custom moves for Dungeon World!

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Yes, you should.
Our Shadow of the Demon Lord offer, which ends today, is unique in Bundle of Holding history for the large number of customers who buy the Starter Collection, look it over, and then want the Bonus Collection. That's a ringing endorsement for Robert J. Schwalb's dark-fantasy RPG of grim heroism against a cosmic destroyer -- or, as Kenneth Hite put it, "Pure Spikey Caustic Red-Hot Squirming Deliquescing Rugose Gonna-Bite-Your-Fingers-Off Horned Fetid Monstrous EVIL."

Currently we don't have a way to let you increase your payment after a purchase. Take the chance, push it to the limit, go full throttle, you only live once, etc.: Get the complete Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle with everything you need to play this fast-playing, low-prep heavy-metal game -- a US$110 retail value -- for just over $26. And get it before the offer ends tonight!

Hello all!
I want to brag about my new group. We've built characters two days ago, using the playtest themebooks, and we have some awesome things going.

Uriel is a gateway of Angels, having been transformed into a winged (mobility) being after holding the flaming sword (relic). Now he finds himself drawn to places where he's needed (divination), while trying to keep himself sane and anchored in the real world, that he no longer feels has a place for him in it (personality). He lives alone in an abandoned bell tower.

Diana is the Oracle of Delphi, but something's wrong: she can only read the past of objects she touches, instead of the future (divination). She also occasionally manifests a cloud of enchanting vapours (adaptation) in the style of the smoke the original Oracle used to inhale in order to gain her visions. She's an Uber-like driver and she really got attached to her car (possession), having read it hundreds of times. As a young girl, the first time she manifested her power was when she touched a toy and suddenly saw a brother she didn't remember having - and that her parents deny ever existed. This (defining event) made her very untrusting of people in general.

Colmac MacRoth has only very recently manifested his Mythos of the Irish Cú Chulainn: in the middle of a fashion show, the male model (occupation) suddenly erupted with grotesque size and strength (expression). As the 7th son of a 7th son, he bares this uncontrolled warping as an ancient curse of his bloodline. His father used to train him with a sword (training) in anticipation of this day. Needless to say, after this event he had to learn how to live with a bestial anger (defining event).

Kai is the Monkey King, and she loves it. The trickster demigod sits well with this thief (training), and the ability to summon a cloud to float on (mobility) is almost as useful as changing your size (adaptation) - even though the cloud is somewhat fussy, and the size-changing isn't all that reliable when sometimes you get stuck in an unwanted size for hours on end. However, being curious and cheerful (personality) means Kai is generally open to the new experiences she founds herself in.

Finally, our Medusa cop, who's name I can't read out of the handwritten character sheet, so you'll have to invent one yourselves for now. Being a manifestation of the earliest expressions of the Medusa Mythos - a woman in distress, as opposed to the later interpretations of a wild woman that has to be restrained - she's using her detective skills (training) to chase a supernatural rapist (mission). She can freeze people just by looking at them (expression), which is awesome, but a little more disconcerting are the snakes that seem to follow her around everywhere, doing her bidding (adaptation). In fact, they're SO useful, and so elusive, she's starting to think that the law might not be as important as she used to believe, seeing how much she can achieve by ignoring it.

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New #CrystalHeart page!
We're also revamping our automatically generated mailing list, if you want to get the pages (and posts) directly to your email:

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All of my Three Suggestions, now bundled for your convenience (also, cheaper), both in D&D 5e:

And Dungeon World:

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Ever since I started reading the webcomic Up to 4 players (, I've been a fan of the art of Aviv Or and so I was thrilled when she agreed to work on several pieces  of art for my upcoming games.

This wip piece is for my Riverdale rpg called 'A Town with Pep' and her development of the characters actually follows the initial character creation in the game - pick an object associated with teens and then riff on it to develop your character
 Read her blog entry on the link below or find the early draft of the game earlier in this collection.

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But really, the thing I enjoyed most was "an incredible job of explaining the rules, I was blown away"

Now we can post these reviews:
"It's brilliant, amazeballs" - Bill Roper
"Oi vey" - Stork

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