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Primum non tedium
Primum non tedium

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I'm not yet super-happy with this text, will probably revise it later on.

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The best stalls in town, only here, only today! What's for sale, and who's selling it? With new +Dungeon World moves.

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You probably like movies, right? You like at least some movies. You might enjoy specific genres, styles, or directors. In a way, you can also consider some Netflix Original series as kind of large movie, made from 12-episodes, if you push the boundaries a bit. So,
Roleplaying Games.
Even if we're including some series under "movies", there are still more varieties of RPGs than kinds of movies.
Now, I don't suggest you try them all, just like I there's no need to watch ALL movies. But you probably should try them more than ONCE.
Only a movie buff cares about the more obscure stuff, but anyone at all can surely enjoy all sorts of movies! So, roleplaying games.
If you had one bad or uninteresting experience, that's no reason to push off a form of entertainment that is, literally, fantastic.

Bad Fruul and his minions have been threatening to overtake the town of Parnast for some time, and the attack is imminent. Despite this, the town is at risk from within as internal politics threaten to tear it apart.

Tonight (gathering at 18:30, starting 19:00), the Leisure Games #AdventurersLeague group will try to prevent sabotage!
We might have a seat open, contact me to reserve it.

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Woop! You can subscribe to our strips on Tapastic, if you so prefer: 

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Okay, time to write about RPGs again.

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We're trying a new thing: we opened an Up to Four Players subreddit to have a place to talk about the strip. Like this!

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Today our webcomic Up to Four Players, which is about gamers in London, starts a new arc, focusing on ROLEPLAYERS in London.

We'll be showcasing a homebrew campaign using the Savage Worlds rules, explaining the rules as we go along – both for story’s sake, and to allow the readers to get to know the system. Woo!
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